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Securing Java - New Track for JavaOne SF 2013!

Security is a broad interest shared by the entire Java community. To meet community security interests head-on we added a new track to JavaOne - Securing Java. Many developers will never have the opportunity to attend a security conference. At JavaOne, security is integrated into our program. Attendees have access to latest Java security content and top industry professionals. Learn more about JavaOne and the Securing Java track.

— Yolande Poirier, The Oracle Technology Network Team



New Release of JDK 7u25 and JavaFX 2.2.25

The JDK 7u25 release (including JavaFX 2.2.25) introduces new JAR file manifest attributes used to defend RIAs against unauthorized code repurposing. For more information on all updates to the documentation, see Java Tutorials Weblog.

MySQL Connect (September 21-23, San Francisco)

MySQL Connect represents a unique opportunity to learn the latest features of MySQL. If you’re attending JavaOne, add MySQL Connect to your package for only US$100!

JavaOne Content Catalog is Live

Go here to view technical sessions, BOFs, tutorials, and hands-on labs, and plan your JavaOne experience.

Java EE 7 Webcast Replay Introducing Java EE 7

The on-demand webcast presents Java EE 7 strategy and technical keynote presentations moderated by Arun Gupta, Java EE and GlassFish Guy, at Oracle. You will also hear from JUGs around the globe about their role in developing Java EE 7

NetBeans IDE 7.3.1 Released with Java EE 7

NetBeans IDE 7.3.1 released with Java EE 7 support. This hands-on tech articles will get you started with Java EE 7 right away.

JCP Survey

The London Java Community (LJC), an Executive Committee member of the Java Community Process (JCP), is asking Java developers to participate in a JCP survey titled "What should the JCP be doing?"

Java EE 7 Training

The new course is designed for experienced Java EE 6 platform professionals. You'll simplify the switch to the Java EE 7 platform by performing lab exercises and experimenting with real code examples. In addition, check out the learning path to Java EE 6 and Java EE 7.

The Javadoc Updater Tool

AdoptOpenJDK is a defacto place to work on the Javadoc Updater Tool. This community page is a copy of Oracle's JavadocUpdaterTool to address a security vulnerability.

Griffon 1.3 is Out

the JavaFX archetype is the most downloaded so far. The JavaFX plugin has risen up to the 7th most popular and continues to rise in popularity.

Exclusive Savings at the Oracle Store

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Java EE 7 survey results showed that 40% of respondents considered Java EE 7 as a "very important" release and another 36% considered it "kind of important". For 48%, the most important feature was HTML 5 support and another 29% choose productivitiy improvement. Thanks to the 97 participants.



JavaOne China Shanghai, July 22-25. Immerse yourself in three days packed with Java keynotes, hands-on-labs, and tutorials from international speakers.

Oracle Cloud Application Foundation Announcement Your Desk, July 31st. This launch event will feature a panel discussion by customers and industry leaders followed by technical deep dives and demonstrations of the new 12c releases of Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Coherence, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and Oracle developer tools.

OTN Virtual Developer Days: ADF Mobile Your Desk, August 7th. A free, virtual event to learn about ADF mobile, a new Java and HTML5 based mobile development framework that enables developers to build and extend enterprise applications for iOS and Android from a single code base. Registration required.

JavaOne San Francisco, Sept. 22-26. Take advantage of early-bird discount, and save US$ 400. Java strategy and technical keynotes, Java university and the user group forum are taking place on Sunday. Make sure you don't miss them.



What's New in JMS 2 - Part 1 JMS 2 is one of the most significant parts of Java EE 7. One of the principal goals of the JMS 2 API is improving developer productivity by reducing the amount of code to work with JMS.

Java Performance, Scalability, Availability, Manageability & Security with Oracle Database 12c Support for multitenant architecture, Database Resident Connection Pool, new SQL types, Transaction Guard & Application Continuity for Java, Global Data Service, and advanced security features.

An Overview of Batch Processing in Java EE 7 This new JSR defines the programming model for batch applications plus a runtime to run and manage batch jobs. This article covers some of the key concepts including feature highlights, an overview of selected APIs, the structure of Job Scheduling Language, and a sample batch application. tutorial shows you how to execute a jtreg test case, an example of a test case, and a review of the log file produced.

Diving into Scala: A Conversation with Java Champio Cay Horstman In an interview, he talks about Scala, misconceptions, the JVM and his book "Scala for the Impatient."

Introducing Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7 Whitepaper Java EE 7 developers will write less boilerplate code, have better support for the latest Web applications and frameworks, and gain access to enhanced scalability and richer, simpler functionality.

Java EE 7, Java EE 7 SDK and GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 4.0 Learn about Java EE 7 platform, its tools, new APIs, documentation and new articles.

Java API for WebSocket Developers can use this new API as part of Java EE 7 when they want to integrate WebSockets into their applications—both on the server side as well as on the Java client side.

Java EE 7: Creating a background download manager using Java Batch in GlassFish 4.0 Batch is a new API in Java EE 7. Learn to build a simple download manager that is implemented using this new Batch specification.

JDBC in Java Mission Control Learn how analyze your WebLogic data source usage.



Virtual Developer Day - Java In this free virtual event, you will learn about
HTML5 applications, improved developer productivity, and meeting enterprise demands using Java EE 7, as well as what's new in Java that helps you begin programming on a wide range of embedded devices.

ADF Mobile Learn to build Java mobile apps for iOS and Android online. New free ecourse teaches you how to build on device mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices with Oracle ADF Mobile.

Java Spotlight Podcast: Paul Parkinson on Life Saving Embedded Java

Java Spotlight Podcast: Paul Parkinson on JSR 907: Transaction API 1.2

Java Spotlight Podcast: Marina Vatkina on JSR 318: Interceptors 1.2

Video: Using the WebSocket API in a Web Application Create a simple web application that enables collaboration between client browsers that are connected to a single WebSocket endpoint.

Video: JTREG Tutorial - Part IV - Contributing to OpenJDK Balchandra Vaidyad describes the steps to participate the OpenJDK project. This video is part of a series on OpenJDK that touches on Jtreg testcase and TestNG test.

Video: Java EE 7 Overview Arun Gupta talks about Java EE 7, its new and updated APIs.

Video: License to Code The video of kick off for the Java EE 7 release.

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