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Tips for Retailers: Improving Business by Reinforcing the Building Blocks
With pressure from online giants and big-box superstars, retailers are rethinking their strategies, incorporating data from all channels into the mix. The brand message must be consistent and cohesive from the PC at home, to the Smartphone on the road, and within the four walls of each brick-and-mortar location. Achieving cross-channel consistency is a daunting challenge for most merchants.

Read this white paper, which outlines invaluable tips and real-world case studies that can help retailers improve the building blocks of their retail businesses by focusing on meeting the demands of today’s tech-savvy and value-conscious consumers.

Make the Most of Your Oracle Retail Investment
When you need to learn how to efficiently leverage the suite of Oracle Retail applications, check out Oracle University’s comprehensive curriculum. Take advantage of the portfolio of courses available for merchandising, planning, retail stores, and retail application integration. Courses help retailers accelerate the adoption of technology, maximize the return on technology investment, and offer job-role specific training to fit your needs.

Featured Courses
These courses are offered as Live Virtual Classes, instructor-led courses that are comparable to Oracle University’s traditional in-class training without the need for expensive travel. With the latest in collaborative technology, top instructors, cutting-edge curriculum, and hands-on labs, we offer an exciting combination of traditional content and interactive learning. Read more about Live Virtual Classes.

Start DatesCourse TitleDuration
March 13
July 10
Retail Merchandising System (RMS) Technical Essentials
(US / Canada)

The course begins with a lesson breakdown by technical area and then dives into a number of functional areas covering batch processing, forms, and data models for each.
3 days
March 20
April 17
Retail Predictive Application Server Configuration Essentials 13.2
(US / Canada)

This course provides an introduction to the features and functions of the RPAS Configuration Tools as well as how to employ the tools to create solutions that meet the specific needs of the retail customer.
3 days
Mar 27
May 2
Allocation Business Essentials 13.1
(US / Canada)

Learn about the Allocation business process and the features and functionalities available in the Allocations tool.
2 days
April 1
May 13
Merchandise Operations Management (MOM) Overview
(US / Canada)

This course provides a high-level overview of the applications that are a part of Oracle’s Merchandise Operations Management (MOM) product suite, and how these products integrate with each other.
2 days
April 11Retail Price Management (RPM) Technical Essentials 13.1
(US / Canada)

This course provides an overview of the RPM product from a technical perspective. It covers architecture, data flows, batches, integration methods, as well as implementation and configuration.
2 days
April 13
June 8
RMS 13 Business Essentials: Inventory and Stock
(US / Canada)

This course introduces you to the Oracle Retail Merchandising System and describes part of the merchandising system showing how to create Inventory and Stock requests and changes.
2 days
April 16
June 4
RMS 13.1 Business Essentials: Order and Cost Management
(US / Canada)

Learn how to create purchase orders and distribute items through various methods, and how to create discounts and rebates using the application. Also learn about contracts and applying them to purchase orders.
2 days
April 15RPAS Technical Essentials: Classic Client
(US / Canada)

This course provides coverage of the best practice processes relating to the Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS) for the Classic Client, including architecture, configuration, domain administration, and more.
2 days
April 24Retail Sales Audit (ReSA) Essentials 13.1
(US / Canada)

Learn Retail Sales Audit (ReSA) concepts, ReSA business process, and how to perform various activities within this application.
2 days
April 22
June 11
RMS 13.1 Business Essentials: Replenishment and Investment Buy
(US / Canada)

This course introduces you to the RMS Replenishment and Investment Buy concepts and its application. The course is designed for functional end users, business consultants, and management.
2 days
April 22
April 30
Store Inventory Management (SIM) Business Essentials 13.2.1
(US / Canada)

This course covers the Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management (SIM) application, including how to manage physical inventory functions that can be performed in a store.
3 days
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