Oracle Argus Insight


Oracle Argus Insight provides comprehensive analysis of pharmaceutical safety data to make key business decisions quickly and confidently. Argus Insight utilizes a comprehensive knowledge base to manage drug safety data as well as any other data that may be integrated, such as clinical trial data, sales data, or product dictionary data. Argus Insight can extract key information from a company's data mart to deliver efficient querying, drill-down analysis, and report generation, all without impeding the daily use of mission-critical drug safety databases.

Argus Insight offers an extensive report library and delivers over 100 standard reports, including medical analysis and key performance indicator (KPI) reports. Reports can be readily shared in Microsoft Excel for further drill-down or in Adobe Acrobat for external distribution.

With Argus Insight, medical reviewers can create queries and custom reports from millions of cases in minutes, enabling companies to analyze and visualize their safety data. Business users of all skill levels can conduct simple to advanced queries of safety data, eliminating the need for IT to run complex SQL queries.

With Argus Insight's easy-to-use functionality and ready access to data without customization, medical reviewers can drill down through all data to obtain the desired focus. The solution also includes numerous pre-formed reports to suit most pharmacovigilance needs. Companies can quickly access, produce, and analyze reports that provide immediate business impact and efficient decision-making.

Argus Insight works in conjunction with Oracle Argus Perceptive to deliver a comprehensive risk management tool.


Analysis and Reporting

  • Multidimensional reports and analysis of safety data
  • Ad-hoc report writer
  • Multiple levels of querying
  • Easy "drag and click" query by example (QBE)
  • Filters and advanced conditions for complex, granular searches
  • Standard reports, including over 150 pre-formed reports providing knowledge on:
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Pharmacovigilance
    • Productivity
    • Case management
  • "Cubes" offering drill-down analysis for visual representation of data
  • Dashboard indicators providing managers and executives with at-a-glance views

Technology and Integration

  • Simple deployment and maintenance
  • Scalable
  • High-performing architecture
  • Low long-term maintenance costs
  • Readily upgradeable
  • Simple integration with other systems
  • Integrated with Business Objects and Cognos
  • Integrated with Oracle Argus Safety and Oracle Argus Perceptive to deliver comprehensive risk management capability
  • Single sign-on access to all Oracle Argus suite modules


  • Global annual safety reports for clinical and post-marketing surveillance
  • Ad-hoc management reporting
  • Management dashboards using operational and risk-based metrics