Oracle Argus Reconciliation


Reconcile adverse event cases between Oracle Argus Safety and clinical data management systems with Oracle Argus Reconciliation. Argus Reconciliation significantly improves productivity by eliminating double data entry, the possibility of introducing errors, and the need to manually reconcile information across different databases. The additional full-time employee hours saved with Argus Reconciliation can deliver immediate return on investment to drug safety departments.

Simple and powerful, Argus Reconciliation automatically extracts drug safety data from clinical data management systems and reconciles it with the Argus Safety database. An advanced "interactive reconciliation report" allows for quick and easy visual determination of case-by-case data discrepancies. The module can be used to generate comprehensive reconciliation reports—and, for maximum flexibility, comparison and update routines are implemented as database-stored procedures.

Argus Reconciliation frees safety departments to focus on valuable drug safety analysis rather than resource-intensive reconciliation.