Oracle Airline Data Model


The Oracle Airline Data Model is a standards-based, industry-specific, prebuilt data warehouse database schema with associated analytic models and dashboards. Leveraging Oracle's strong airline domain expertise, and Oracle's deep expertise in data warehousing, Oracle Airline Data Model provides a foundation schema that is modern, relevant, topical, and addresses the key passenger data management needs of low cost carriers and traditional airlines.

With the Oracle Airline Data Model, airlines can more easily collect and analyze data from key areas such as reservations, sales, operations, loyalty, and finance. With sophisticated trending and data mining capabilities built into the system and focused on specific airlines industry business problems, the Oracle Airline Data Model transforms airlines industry data into insightful, actionable information.

The Oracle Airline Data Model can be used in any application environment and is easily extendable. Combining pre-built data mining, online analytical processing (OLAP), and dimensional models, you can jump-start the design and implementation of an airline data warehouse to quickly achieve a positive ROI for your data warehousing and business intelligence project.


  • More than 370 Tables and 8,500 attributes
  • More than 250 industry-specific measurements and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Prebuilt OLAP cubes for extremely fast dimensional analysis of business information
  • Embedded data mining models for sophisticated trending and predictive analysis
  • Consistent with existing airline industry standards


  • Effectively segment customers and draw insights to enhance the customer experience
  • Increase ROI on marketing investments and loyalty promotions
  • Reduce implementation risk
  • Maximize the capabilities of your data warehouse
  • Harness passenger data stored in legacy systems
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