Oracle Communications Inventory Management

Oracle Communications Inventory Management solutions streamline, automate and optimize the management of networks and services in complex traditional and next-generation environments. By offering full visibility into all service and technology assets across the enterprise, these solutions are uniquely designed to automate complex inventory management processes, support seamless network and service transformation, and enable the strategic customer relationship.

Unlike traditional inventory systems that are only network-centric, Oracle's next-generation inventory management platform also enables a customer-centric view of how products and services are delivered over complex multi-domain networks. Fully compatible with key industry standards, the platform's service-driven architecture leverages the power of a multidimensional inventory model. Complex relationships between subscribers, products, services, physical and logical resources, geographic location and time, are all correlated to unleash new value to the business.


  • Automated Design and Assign — Automates the creation of end-to-end circuits and services using intelligent algorithms that respect pre-defined business, technology and capacity rules.
  • Capacity Monitoring — Proactively monitors service and resource capacity and issues alerts when pre-set thresholds are reached.
  • Graphical Views — Hierarchically displays the end-to-end inventory using network topology maps and equipment layout displays.
  • Unified Views — Delivers a unified view of subscribers, services and products by integrating diverse environments and leveraging the power of a federated and multidimensional inventory.
  • Browser-Enabled GUI — Integrates seamlessly into other systems and provides secure, low cost and user-friendly access for all users across the enterprise.
  • Flexible Domain Support — Supports traditional, current and emerging next-generation technologies with extensible and meta-driven architecture.
  • Standard-Based Architecture — Leverages key communications industry standards to deliver a true customer- and service-driven next-generation inventory management platform.