Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery


Most communications service providers' services are growing in terms of complexity and sheer number—and they need to deliver these services through a multi-channel approach (customer care, Web, kiosk, sales force, retail store). Whether they are triple-play, quad-play, mobility, or greenfield service providers, they must develop a strong order management environment to improve the customer experience while managing the operational costs of designing, launching, and delivering complex new products and services.

Only Oracle provides a fully-integrated, product-based rapid offer design and order delivery solution that cost-effectively speeds offer introduction and enables accurate order delivery.

Oracle Communications Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery solution provides:

  • Faster time to market with integrated end-to-end offer design configuration
  • Shorter order cycles with complete visibility across the order lifecycle
  • Reduced operational cost through advanced order management capabilities and integrations



Business Driver Oracle Enables You to
Increase velocity of the product launch process
  • Synchronize offer design and launch across your delivery chain
  • Decrease time to market through zero configuration offer introduction
  • Keep multiple product catalogs synchronized to streamline order delivery
Reduce order cycle time
  • Enable customer order qualification across all sales channels leading to reduced order fallout
  • Automatically and dynamically decompose and orchestrate a customer's order from any channel across the entire order lifecycle
  • Provide real-time visibility of orders to in-house agents and customers
  • Intelligently handle revisions to in-flight customer orders
Control operational expenses
  • Leverage a pre-integrated suite of market-leading, off-the-shelf applications to reduce your deployment and maintenance costs
  • Minimize the need to make constant modifications to your order-management configurations to support product rollouts
  • Deploy a central order management capability across all siloed systems to streamline the order-to-cash lifecycle