Oracle Communications EmbeddedMIND

Oracle Communications EmbeddedMIND is designed for network equipment providers that need to rapidly add provisioning, configuration, and monitoring functionality to their systems. Designed to meet service availability requirements, it enables implementation of one or more management interfaces (e.g. CLI, SNMP, Web/XML, and Netconf).


  • Protocol- and representation-independent equipment management for robust, future-proof deployment
  • Plug-and-manage architecture supports dynamic addition of instrumentation
  • Modular build system for footprint/performance/functionality trade-offs
  • Presentation layer supports multiple views
  • Event and alarm management
  • Service availability integration
  • Integrated access control
  • Database integration


  • Generic Representation of Management Data—Represents management requests, responses, and events in a proven object-oriented design, avoiding the inherent limitations and performance pitfalls of protocol-specific or representation-based approaches such as SNMP or XML
  • Carrier-grade Performance—Provides scalability by optimizing data handling at the management layer within hardware constraints and guaranteeing carrier-grade functionality through extensive testing and validation support
  • Management Layer Design Workflow—Allows the tasks involved in the instrumentation and selected protocol layer effort to be separated, parallelized, and divided among developers, increasing visibility into project progress and adding flexibility to scheduling
  • Device Modeling—During the design stage, the device entities providing the functionality exposed to the management layer are modeled in an intermediate XML format; these are then used to generate the instrumentation to the underlying system
  • Command Space Abstraction—Allows IDE-supported customization of the CLI functionality offered by the equipment
  • Fundamental Security—Supports the use of secure transport layers such as SSH and TLS for Web/XML, CLI and NETCONF with specific options for SNMP as well as provides the ability to enforce user privilege policies at managed object and attribute granularity
  • Modular Approach—Facilitates the upgrade of CLI or SNMP functionality in legacy systems or the addition of newer protocols such as NETCONF; optional use of embedded relational or XML databases is also supported
  • Faster, Simpler Development—Provides a combination of visual information modeling, customizable generation templates, and integrated CLI editor to speed and simplify development