Oracle Communications SAFfire

Oracle Communications SAFfire is service availability middleware that includes sophisticated availability and management capabilities combined with unmatched support of the Application Interface Specification (AIS) and Hardware Platform Interface (HPI) specifications of the Service Availability (SA) Forum. It enables network equipment providers to reduce project risk by leveraging the stability of a product that has been extensively field tested and successfully deployed on tens of thousands of units worldwide, while at the same time taking advantage of the most comprehensive and only customer-verified AIS implementation on the market.


  • End-to-end service availability and systems management
  • Tried and tested code base
  • Comprehensive support of SA Forum specifications


  • Helps you ensure system uptime and uninterrupted service
  • Lowers risk for your project
  • Ensures flexibility, choice, and application portability
  • Enables you to react quickly to technology changes and avoid vendor lock-in
  • Equips you with an application-ready platform that lets you focus on applications and meet project deadlines