Oracle Communications SelfReliant

Oracle Communications SelfReliant is a comprehensive, standards-based, carrier-grade service availability platform. It enables network equipment providers to select the level of availability management functionality that is most important for their product and includes messaging, platform, and system management services.


  • Platform-independence via support of multiple leading hardware (ATCA, cPCI, BladeCenter, MicroTCA, etc.) operating systems (Linux, VxWorks, Oracle Solaris, and Windows) and architectures (IA, PPC, and SPARC)
  • Pre-integrated with Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database and several third-party providers such as Radisys Promentum ATCA platform and IBM BladeCenter
  • Supports the Service Availability (SA) Forum Hardware Platform Interface (HPI) specification for complete chassis and blade server management of hardware-specific sensors and controls
  • System model represents and manages all system resources for complete service availability
  • High performance with millisecond stateful failover, fast messaging, and low CPU usage
  • Robust distributed messaging services
  • Foundational cross-platform, multi-threaded kernel
  • Customer-created services such as the use of full Oracle Communications SelfReliant API libraries and customization of built-in features


  • Ensures 99.999% or better availability with checkpointing to preserve application data and more than 40,000 distributed messages per second
  • Provides real-time capture, storage, and replication of system and/or application data to assure continuous, uninterrupted service
  • Enables you to quickly build and deploy highly available systems
  • Reduces development costs by leveraging open standards-based, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology
  • Enables you to react quickly and cost effectively to technology and platform changes
  • Reduces project risk with pre-tested, pre-integrated hardware and software