Oracle Siebel Applications for Consumer Goods


Oracle Siebel Consumer Goods is an integrated marketing, sales, and customer service business solution that enables consumer goods companies to manage trade funds, deductions, retail execution and marketing spend demand chain. With Oracle Siebel Consumer Goods, manufacturers can do the following:

  • Increase trade marketing effectiveness and improve account management
  • Reduce costs through the integration of customer-facing and back-office business processes across all touchpoints including brokers, wholesalers, distributors, and retail outlets
  • Build consumer demand and brand loyalty by understanding and anticipating changing consumer preferences

Oracle Siebel Consumer Goods is specifically designed to meet the needs of a broad range of consumer goods companies. Based on Siebel Systems' proven, configurable, highly scalable, and fully Web-based architecture, it provides support for multiple computing platforms while delivering a high total value of ownership.

Industry-specific functionality includes complete consumer response, key account management, brand management, trade management, retail account management, call center, and field service solutions critical to the success of sales, marketing, and customer service professionals. The Oracle Siebel Consumer Goods product suite consists of the following applications:


Oracle Siebel Marketing
Oracle Siebel Marketing Applications enable organizations in the consumer goods industry to align campaigns with appropriate target audiences; plan and execute highly personalized campaigns with the right message at the right time; use preferred communication channels; and measure, monitor, and refine campaign performance to ensure optimal return on investment.

Business Analysis and Planning
Oracle Siebel Marketing provides extensive pre-built market, customer, product, and geographical analyses, empowering consumer goods organizations to develop and refine their marketing and sales strategies. Customer analysis provides in-depth profiling information; enabling organizations to better understand their customer and consumer preferences, buying behavior, revenue, and profitability. By integrating customer information from multiple external and internal sources, organizations can identify and capitalize on emerging trends in key markets and focus their marketing and sales efforts on the highest yielding market segments.

Complete Campaign Management
Oracle Siebel Marketing supports comprehensive campaign management, enabling organizations to develop and deploy sophisticated multi-step marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Campaigns can target groups or individuals and include different orders, creative approaches, and channels.

Measurement and Reporting
Oracle Siebel Marketing also enables organizations to measure, monitor, and track campaign success in terms of response rate, revenues, return on investment, and lead quality. With Siebel Marketing, organizations can dynamically generate presentation-quality briefing reports covering sales trends, product performance, and campaign effectiveness.

Oracle Siebel eMarketing
Oracle Siebel eMarketing enables organizations to create, execute, and assess Web-based marketing campaigns. With Oracle Siebel eMarketing, consumer goods companies can segment their customer and prospect bases; target them with personalized, dynamically generated Web- or email-based communications or promotions, including eNewsletters and Web-based surveys; and view OLAP-based graphical reports that assess the effectiveness and return on investment of each campaign. Organizations can use Siebel eMarketing to immediately extend their global reach by using the Internet as a cost-effective, productive marketing channel. For instance, a marketing campaign consisting of an email to a consumer can generate interest for a specific product promotion directing the consumer to a specific retail store.

Oracle Siebel Analytic Applications for Trade Management
Oracle Siebel Consumer Goods Analytics provides manufacturers with a pre-built data warehouse designed to support a wide range of analyses, including orders, trade promotions, funds, activities, sales performance and more. The Oracle Siebel open architecture allows the data warehouse to be accessed using a variety of third party analytical tools, and pre-built data extractors and analytic adapters ensure that a broad scope of data is accessible for in-depth analysis. Oracle Siebel Business Analytics delivers a large selection of standard sales, marketing, service, partner and executive reports, and it allows users to quickly and easily build new, ad-hoc analyses. Pre-built sales analyses include customer profiling, trade promotion and sales effectiveness, retail audit results and funds management. Pre-built executive analyses include account, marketing, product, sales, and service summaries. Consumer Goods Analytics can be implemented either stand alone or in conjunction with other Oacle Siebel Consumer Goods Applications. Many customers find that it is advantageous to implement Analytics before implementing Trade Management.


Oracle Siebel Sales
Oracle Siebel Sales enables field sales organizations to sell collaboratively across geographies, time zones, and currencies, and it scales to meet the needs of even the largest global deployments. With Oracle Siebel Sales, field professionals in the consumer goods industry can accurately plan and forecast by account or store, generate customized presentations and proposals, and easily produce personalized customer communications.

Sales organizations can use Oracle Siebel Sales to seamlessly share information across sales teams, manage authorized product distribution lists, create corporate and account-specific promotions, rapidly create customer account plans, plan sales volume targets, manage trade fund expenditures, easily resolve deductions, and execute effectively at retail [is there a word missing here?] to meet the unique needs of each customer and provide superior service and support.

Oracle Siebel eSales
Oracle Siebel eSales is a comprehensive Web-based application that supports unassisted business-to-business and business-to-consumer selling via the Internet, and it enables organizations to rapidly establish an online selling channel that complements and extends their existing field, call center, broker, and indirect selling channels.

With Oracle Siebel eSales, customers and end consumers can search for products in a rich multimedia catalog, configure custom product and service solutions, place orders, confirm that the orders are valid and deliverable, and check on order status. Organizations can use Oracle Siebel eSales Web personalization to maximize each customer interaction by dynamically suggesting the right products and services based on a customer's profile, specific environment, current requirements, and buying patterns.

Oracle Siebel Sales Volume Planning
Oracle Siebel Sales Volume Planning enables users to manage the often complex and time-consuming sales planning process. This functionality provides the ability to establish a basis from which future volume will be derived and allocate/aggregate the sales volume up/down an organizational and product hierarchy. Oracle Siebel Sales Volume Planning is tightly integrated with Oracle Siebel Trade Promotions, enabling more accurate baseline and incremental forecasts and the ability to evaluate performance with visibility to shipment and consumption data.

Oracle Siebel Trade Promotions
Oracle Siebel Trade Promotions empowers sales professionals to be significantly more effective, helping them manage the trade planning cycle and increase the value of each promotion. This specific functionality for trade promotions planning allows users to manage customer promotion plans and the funds to support them effectively. Promotions can be quickly planned and executed for measured success.

Oracle Siebel Trade Promotions offers robust functionality that enables powerful promotion planning and simulation for accounts, including trade funds allocation against promotions, category level planning, flexible promotion setup and commitment, funds checkbook management, and promotion plan performance comparison and analysis. This seamlessly integrated trade promotions planning module is tightly integrated with the base Oracle Siebel Consumer Goods Applications to provide key account managers with all the relevant information required to build effective key account plans and increase overall sales productivity and effectiveness.

Oracle Siebel Deductions
Oracle Siebel Deductions enables headquarters-based customer financial service representatives and field-based key account managers to receive, research, and clear deductions, thereby streamlining the business process for handling deductions and reducing the administrative cost and amount of days outstanding for deductions. Deduction management enables users to view key information pertinent to clearing deductions such as promotions, contracts, remittance, and correspondence while providing a mechanism for clearing deductions through trade fund payments or chargebacks.

Oracle Siebel Retail Execution
Oracle Siebel Consumer Goods provides a comprehensive set of retail execution capabilities that enable retail sales representatives to execute tactics against a retail strategy with measurable precision and efficiency.

Retail execution functionality in Oracle Siebel Consumer Goods enables users to create and manage outlet-specific, authorized product distribution lists and to create and manage retail objectives that provide representatives with targeted activities to complete at the store level. Oracle Siebel Consumer Goods also enables representatives to seamlessly create and schedule routes in order to streamline efficiency and maximize call productivity. In addition, Oracle Siebel Consumer Goods enables representatives to manage the execution of retail objectives with comprehensive execution tools that include store shelf condition tracking and retail assessments.

Oracle Siebel Handheld
Oracle Siebel Handheld provides mobile and remote consumer goods sales and service professionals with full access to customer, product, and activity information on a wide variety of lower cost, handheld devices.

Complete functionality, integrated with Oracle Siebel Consumer Goods, is provided through the device, to support retail merchandising, pre-sales, delivery and van sales functions. Brand owners can promote products more effectively by targeting the right accounts and streamlining outlet visit activities, improve merchandising strategy by collecting detailed outlet information, and maximize van sales with full order to cash cycle functionality support.

Oracle Siebel Collaborative Assortment Planning
Oracle Siebel Systems' Collaborative Assortment Planning functionality was developed to meet the exacting needs of the Apparel and Footwear industries, but it is equally applicable for consumer goods manufacturers. This functionality streamlines the pre-season product planning process by allowing vendors and retailers to collaboratively plan for future seasons.

Account managers can create seasonal assortment plans containing style/color mixes and delivery information for a retailer, and then-via the Internet-retail buyers can view the seasonal assortment plans and make modifications and adjustments as necessary. Once the plans are agreed upon, the demand information can be aggregated and interfaced to back-end supply chain planning systems.

Oracle Siebel Systems' Complex Order Capture functionality enables vendors to capture orders from customers anytime, anywhere and via any medium. For example, account managers at a customer site can configure complex orders with multiple ship-to addresses and delivery dates using a laptop computer. Customer service representatives in a call center can up-sell and cross-sell promoted products, while Internet, customers can place orders for immediate delivery on a 24x7 basis.


Oracle Siebel Field Service
Oracle Siebel Field Service is the first mobile solution that enables consumer goods manufacturers to profitably manage all aspects of their field service operations.

Using Oracle Siebel Field Service, organizations can manage field service activities, preventative maintenance, break/fix service events, service inventory, dispatch and scheduling, warranties, invoicing, return materials authorizations (RMAs), quotes and orders, shipping and receiving, and advanced parts exchange. Workflow management automatically assigns the most appropriate field service engineer to a service request based on product expertise, availability, geography or other criteria. This product also provides out-of-the-box CTI, as well as pager, email and barcode integration. Siebel Field Service gives field professionals access to comprehensive information concerning appropriate tools, parts and skills to ensure that the service issue is resolved during the first visit.

Oracle Siebel Call Center
Increasingly, consumer goods organizations are transforming their call centers from narrowly focused, logistics- and back office-centric operations into next-generation contact centers that offer far more sophisticated customer sales and service capabilities. Software solutions must now be extremely scalable and cost effective.

Oracle Siebel Call Center is specifically designed for this next generation of contact centers that enable consumer goods organizations to provide world-class customer service and generate increased revenue. The call centers also create a closed-loop information flow seamlessly over multichannel sales, marketing, and customer service operations. Oracle Siebel Call Center empowers agents at every level by providing up-to-the-minute information and in-depth customer and product knowledge. This approach enables quick and accurate resolution to problems ranging from trade promotions and deductions to consumer affairs, and generates greater selling opportunities to both customers and consumers.

Oracle Siebel Call Center enables agents to manage, synchronize and coordinate all customer and consumer interactions over multiple communication channels such as the Web, telephone, fax, email, interactive voice response (IVR) systems and voice over IP. Using Oracle Siebel Call Center, company personnel become customer relationship managers, combining support over a broad range of products and services and adding value by proactively informing customers about targeted offerings that meet their specific requirements.

By providing the most comprehensive integrated multichannel sales, marketing, and customer service capabilities available today, Oracle Siebel Call Center gives consumer goods organizations a unified business solution so they can become more competitive in their markets and highly effective in managing their customer relationships.

Oracle Siebel Service
Guiding and assisting service professionals in the consumer goods industry through the entire service process, Oracle Siebel Service helps service professionals to better serve and satisfy their clients. Customer service representatives can use Oracle Siebel Service to track customer service requests from both customers and consumers, leverage prior solutions and provide resolutions quickly and accurately. Oracle Sieble Service also provides order status information and immediately routes customer inquiries to the most appropriate agent based on the agent's training, expertise and availability. Additionally, Oracle Siebel Service ensures that each service request is resolved within the agreed upon time by using automated workflow and escalations to route, monitor and resolve each inquiry.

Oracle Siebel eService
Oracle Siebel eService for Consumer Goods provides the most comprehensive solution for Web- and email-based customer service, enabling customers to solve their own service issues, log service requests, access customer profiling information, request literature, review product information and receive Web-based training.

Using Oracle Siebel eService for Consumer Goods, customers are seamlessly integrated into a manufacturer's virtual enterprise, thereby providing an environment that seamlessly. This enables both the manufacturer and the customer to exchange ideas and information for faster decision making and increased business results. Organizations also can proactively notify customers of important events via email, acknowledge the receipt of a service request and automatically inform the customer of the resolution. By deploying Oracle Siebel eService, organizations can significantly improve customer satisfaction, reduce the overall cost of service and provide full 24x7 customer service availability.


Oracle Siebel eChannel
Oracle Siebel eChannel provides third parties, such as brokers and distributors, with seamless access through the Internet to customer information bi-directionally for contracted account management. Brokers are able to view product and promotion information, update customer profile records, enter trade promotions plans, resolve deductions and receive Internet-based training. Brokers and manufacturers realize improved relationships and business productivity as a result of the 24x7 bi-directional exchange and coordination of information. Additionally, Oracle Siebel eChannel lowers overall costs by allowing consumer goods organizations to manage brokers as extended virtual sales organizations. Through all interactions, sophisticated security rules ensure that sensitive information is kept completely confidential.

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