Oracle MAA Best Practices - Enterprise Manager

Highly available systems are critical to the success of every organization. It is equally important that the management infrastructure monitoring these mission critical systems is also highly available. Enterprise Manager is engineered to be scalable and available from the ground up.

The Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) for Enterprise Manager is a set of prescribed best practices for the configuration and management of Enterprise Manager to achieve maximum availability while minimizing cost and complexity.

Best Practices for Protection from Unplanned Outages
 Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c - Setting up Enterprise Manager High Availability
 Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c - Backing up Enterprise Manager
 Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c - Enterprise Manager Disaster Recovery Considerations
 Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control: Configuring OMS High Availability with F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager
 Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control: Configuring OMS Disaster Recovery with F5 BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager
 Configuring Oracle Enterprise Manager for MAA with Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE) Application Delivery Switch
Best Practices for Planned Maintenance
 Oracle Enterprise Manager Software Planned Maintenance
 Support Note 1664074.1 - Applying Enterprise Manager 12c Recommended Patches
 Support Note 1323298.1 - Patch Requirements for Setting up Monitoring and Administration for Exadata
Administration and Diagnostics Best Practices
 Operational Considerations and Troubleshooting Oracle Enterprise Manager
 Operational Considerations and Troubleshooting Oracle Enterprise Manager
 Support Note 421053.1 - EMDIAG Troubleshooting Kits Master Index
 Support Note 1929586.1 - Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration Best Practices
 Support Note 2049211.1 - Enterprise Manager 12c Management Server (OMS) Known Errors in Log Files
Engineered Systems Manageability
 Enterprise Manager Exadata Management - Getting Started Guide
 Exadata Health and Resource Usage Monitoring
Additional Resources for the Latest Information on all Topics
 Oracle Enterprise Manager Best Practices Blog
 Support Note 330072.1 - Late-Breaking Information and General Reference for Enterprise Manager Administrators
 Support Note 1110675.1 - Monitoring Exadata Database Machine using Enterprise Manager - contains updated monitoring suggestions for each component.
Best Practices for Previous Releases
 Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Release 1 - High Availability Overview
 Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Release 1- Backup and Recovery Best Practices
 Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Release 1 - MAA Configurations