Research Institutions

Manage the Big Data that Drives Big Breakthroughs

Only Oracle offers the integrated hardware and software solutions that deliver the capacity, security, and processing speed that researchers require.

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Benefits Descriptions
Build a Cost-effective, Flexible Infrastructure to Support the Research Mission
  • Increase operational effectiveness
  • Consolidate to contain costs
  • Virtualize administration for increased manageability
  • Securely store, access, and process large and complex distributed data sets to extract knowledge and insight
Effectively Manage Large-scale, Distributed Data
  • Store large and complex data sets across different sites
  • Enhance data quality and related policies
  • Optimize data access and security
Extract Knowledge and Insight from Data
  • Analyze data from different sources and over time
  • Support scientific process and enable new scientific workflows
  • Identify unknown relationships in data
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Oracle Announces Sun Hardware Pricing Program for Education
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