Oracle FLEXCUBE Investor Servicing


The fund distribution and transfer agency business has undergone a paradigm shift. Today, transfer agents and fund managers need comprehensive transfer agency and investor servicing capabilities for long-only mutual funds and alternative funds to run their business effectively. Also, alternative funds require sophisticated features and functionalities for managing complex fund structures and support for various performance fees equalization methods.

Adding to the complexity of this new investor servicing landscape, fund administrators are demanding cross-border, multicountry transfer agency capabilities to encompass integrated fund distribution and transfer agency businesses. Together, these factors have contributed to the emergence of new and formidable challenges for transfer agents and fund distributors.

Oracle FLEXCUBE Investor Servicing is a comprehensive transfer agency and fund distribution system with multientity, multijurisdiction, multicurrency, multilingual, and multitime zone features to serve global fund managers and fund distributors. Designed to address the complex challenges faced by transfer agents and fund distributors, the process-enabled application helps financial institutions reduce operational costs with complete support for complex fund structures, intermediary hierarchies, and multilevel investor account structures. The application offers complete lifecycle processing capabilities for hedge funds, mutual funds and unit-linked insurance products across distribution and transfer agency lines of business. It comes with flexible business rules, augmented by user-definable parameters, to ensure quick adoption of newer products and fund structures and seamlessly adapts to varied business models.

Oracle FLEXCUBE Investor Servicing today manages funds for its customers in more than 25 countries across the world.


  • Offers highly parameterized and flexible rules engine for fund definition, thereby enabling reduced time-to-market for launching new fund structures and products
  • Delivers a comprehensive and rule-driven fees and commissions framework that enables efficient intermediary management
  • Offers cross-border and global transfer agency capabilities that provide for effectively managing integrated fund distribution and transfer agency functions
  • Delivers optimized multicountry deployment facilitated by a sophisticated and flexible deployment model
  • Delivers a comprehensive infrastructure to cover all fund structures on a unified platform
  • Enables seamless integration with downstream systems viaadvanced integration capabilities coupled with a wide range of Web services Delivers increased efficiency and streamlined business process based on an open standards platform and business design



Introducing Oracle FLEXCUBE 12.0