Siebel Branch Sales and Service


Oracle's Siebel Branch Sales and Service solution enables banks to improve productivity and customer satisfaction levels by providing agents with customer-centric sales and service tools. These tools allow agents to sell products, open accounts, manage customer relationships and respond to service needs.

Provide a Comprehensive Branch Solution for Your Front Office Agents
Although alternative channels have experienced tremendous growth over the last decade, branch banking today remains a critical customer interaction point and a strategic opportunity for banks to grow the customer relationship and strengthen customer loyalty. Oracle's Siebel Branch Sales & Service solution delivers a comprehensive branch solution for front office agents with market-leading functionality to support sales, service and relationship management in the branch environment. It increases sales effectiveness by leveraging best practice sales methodologies and gives agents tools to cross-sell and up-sell customers into products and services to meet their specific financial needs and objectives. Functionality improvements associated with account opening and customer service reduce time and cost, increase accuracy and improve customer satisfaction levels.


  • 360-degree view of the customer relationship enables more relevant and targeted sales offers and improved customer experiences
  • Best practice Sales Methodologies and Selling Tools help agents identify and recommend the correct deposit, investment, and lending products and services, as well as ensure consistent sales performance and sales coaching throughout the sales cycle
  • Streamlined Account Origination Processes enable agents to take a single application for different banking product types, including checking, savings, credit cards, home mortgages, and consumer and home equity loans, and pre-fill the application with all relevant customer information to save time and reduce input errors
  • Customer-centric Service Management allows branch agents to quickly understand customer needs and deliver exceptional customer experiences
  • Real-time Business Intelligence helps agents, managers and executives monitor, analyze and respond to business trends and key performance metrics