Private Banking



The evolution of the discerning customer with sophisticated needs has created a unique opportunity for wealth managers. Oracle for Financial Services can help enterprises service their high net-worth customers through superior CRM; dynamic asset allocation; and comprehensive, easy-to-access portfolio analyses.

Oracle's tailored solutions for private banking enable banks, financial institutions, and other wealth management service providers to deliver both self-directed and adviser-driven wealth management solutions to their customers.

These sophisticated products offer rich features, including multi-dimensional analysis, that help wealth managers offer expert and customized investment advice to all their customers. Oracle solutions help private bankers and wealth managers develop integrated, comprehensive investment strategies by providing them with not just an analytical edge, but also the ability to execute the same. With automated administrative facilities, the solutions give customers direct access to their portfolios, while allowing for sophisticated asset management and allocation.

  • Serve as trustworthy advisers to high net-worth customers, while creating consolidated, unified portfolios with innovative and differentiated services.
  • Transform the customer from simply a source of input into an active member of the portfolio management team.
  • Collaborate with customers to develop holistic, personalized investment strategies that are founded on sophisticated asset management and risk assessment.
  • Profile individual customers and recommend financial plans by incorporating model portfolios.



Business Drivers Oracle Enables You to With These Products
Improve Regulatory Compliance
  • Achieve greater insight into your risk exposure
  • Comply with your regulatory mandates
  • Leverage a superior customer dashboard to gain an exhaustive view of a customer's assets and detect any deviation in the customer's portfolio against recommended allocations
Deliver Superior Customer Service
  • Offer personalized solutions for specific customer needs
  • Give customers direct access to their portfolios so that they and their advisers can continuously assess performance and optimize asset allocation
  • Profile individual customers and recommend financial plans by incorporating model portfolios
  • Easily asses customer requirements and conduct risk-profile mapping and multiple-goal planning
Increase Your Share of High Net-Worth and Mass Affluent Markets
  • Draw up multiple investment strategies
  • Measure portfolio performance
  • Create customized reports for customers, using a single interface
  • Increase the reach and distribution of the services offered
Achieve Efficient Trade Management
  • Trade and respond to market changes rapidly
  • Easily access order entries and market information
  • Capture offline transactions for a variety of instruments, including real estate, art, structured products, insurance, and government securities
Transform Processes and Standardize and Leverage Industry Best Practices
  • Move beyond limitations imposed by technology
  • Redesign processes quickly and efficiently
  • Optimize, measure, and audit enterprise-wide processes
  • Bring about greater transparency in processes, policies, and workflows