Oracle Transfer Pricing Online

Oracle Transfer Pricing Online is an interactive web-based application that provides real-time transfer rate indications in support of pricing loan and deposit transactions. Deployed in the field, Oracle Transfer Pricing Online allows agents to get up-to-date transfer rates on standard and custom products.

Integrate and Streamline Performance Planning and Analysis
As one of the analytical applications integrated within the Oracle financial services family of products, Oracle Transfer Pricing Online works seamlessly with other products, such as Oracle Budgeting and Planning, Oracle Financial Data Manager, and Oracle Risk Manager.


  • Deploy transfer rate query capability to field personnel. Enable field personnel to query current rates while structuring transactions.
  • Schedule calculation of transfer rates on standard instruments. Choose from nine possible methodologies to set the appropriate level of precision using the same rate engine as Oracle Transfer Pricing. Incorporate instrument characteristics, user-driven yield curves, and industry standard prepayment expectations to derive the final transfer rates.
  • Calculate transfer rate for custom instrument cash flows in real time. Enter cash flows for customer-specific transactions via a web-based spreadsheet, and receive custom transfer rate in real time.