IT Architecture Consulting


Enterprises need to execute their respective IT strategies in a planned manner, accounting for their short, medium, and long-term business needs.

IT architecture is a crucial part of this process at many levels. At the highest level, it helps translate IT strategy into a set of technology principles and standards that need to be adhered to by all applications in the enterprise—and by all solutions under consideration. It is also a big factor in making actual build-buy-adapt decisions for various application components, based on knowledge of the enterprise's existing application portfolio.

Oracle Financial Services Consulting offers consulting services in defining architecture and strategy, and enables financial institutions to migrate their legacy infrastructure to an SOA environment. A special area of focus is service-oriented architecture (SOA), which we view as a key architectural direction for the financial services industry. In this area, Oracle is developing methodologies and service and process models that can accelerate the successful adoption of SOA in an enterprise. Our belief is that the key business benefits of SOA can be achieved only when one adopts an end-to-end process perspective.


  • Solution Architecture
  • Reverse Engineering and Re-Architecture of Legacy Systems
  • Implementation of Service-Oriented Architecture
Oracle Financial Services Consulting has successfully developed and implemented large-scale solutions for financial services firms around the globe, using the latest technologies. We bring to customers our knowledge of the financial services industry as well as practical knowledge of current IT trends and technologies. Our focus on SOA is based on our strong relationships with key vendors in this area, along with our intimate knowledge of banking and financial-services processes and practices.