IT Process Transformation


Emerging technologies, adoption of new business applications along with existing systems, large-scale outsourcing, and the drive to reduce operational costs have compelled IT organizations to reorganize their IT structure and re-examine their existing processes.

Oracle Financial Services Consulting can help your organization in transforming its IT process through the following services:

  • IT Process Re-Engineering Services
    With the proliferation of cutting-edge technologies and systems, most organizations have had to re-engineer their existing processes. We offer a service wherein we study these processes and re-engineer and institutionalize them to reflect current and industry-wide best practices.
  • IT Optimization Services
    We offer consulting services on specific IT areas that require "quick wins" and focused improvement. These services are designed to address your organization's business and IT objectives, as well as mitigate any risks related to IT.
  • Vendor Management Services
    With most organizations around the world adopting the outsourcing and offshoring model, the IT function is now globalized to the extent that partners and third-party vendors are involved in most projects. To help ensure that this complex network of vendors is managed effectively, we provide consulting solutions for strategizing, evaluating, identifying, managing, and monitoring vendors.