Consulting Services


Oracle Financial Services Consulting offers an end-to-end consulting partnership, providing comprehensive business and technology services that enable financial services enterprises to improve process efficiencies; optimize costs; meet risk and compliance requirements; define IT architecture; and manage their transformation process. These services are delivered by consultants with deep domain expertise in the areas of business transformation; risk management; program management; IT strategy and architecture; IT governance; and process improvement.



Business Drivers Oracle Enables You to
Leverage Technology to Address Business Needs
  • Improve your go-to-market time
  • Keep pace with changing customer needs
  • Improve efficiency
  • Deliver improved services to customers
  • Differentiate your offerings from competition
Improve Risk Management
  • Effectively manage operational, credit, and market risks
  • Re-design risk management functions, policies, processes, and governance
  • Implement comprehensive risk rating and scoring methods
  • Improve operational transparency
  • Benchmark current policies, processes, and systems with best practices and regulatory standards
Migrate to a Comprehensive Program Management Process
  • Ensure that all projects meet operational, cost, budget, and time-related goals
  • Gain access to a rich repository of program tracking methods, as well as scenarios and risks inherent within various product implementation projects
Future-Proof Your Investments
  • Plan and implement a scalable IT infrastructure to meet your existing and future needs
  • Migrate from a legacy environment to service-oriented architecture in a phased manner
  • Implement applications that are fine-tuned to your business needs
Transform Key Processes
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Gain visibility into key processes
  • Streamline critical processes
  • Leverage Oracle Industry Reference Model for Banking
Adhere to Compliance Regimes
  • Comply with regulations such as Basel II, Sox, AML, and MiFID
  • Evolve and implement an integrated compliance program
  • Identify opportunities to achieve synergy among multiple initiatives and develop a harmonized strategy