For Retail Banking


Oracle Financial Services Consulting can help banks meet the challenges of offering innovative services, managing diverse delivery channels, and staying competitive in a dynamic market.

Our services enable retail banks to transform their IT environments by optimizing resources, preserving capital, and enhancing operational efficiency. Banks can leverage these services to capitalize on every perceived market opportunity.


Our service offerings for retail banks address:

  • Branch and teller applications
  • ATM and switch for payments
  • Loan origination and processing systems
  • Building interfaces to other applications such as treasury, cash management, payments
  • Seamless integration for multi-channel service delivery, including teller and branch automated teller machine (ATM), interactive voice response (IVR) phone banking, corporate, and internet banking
  • Card management systems
  • Funds transfers
  • Foreign exchange and money market solutions
  • Customer insight and loyalty applications including warehousing and mining