Oracle Financial Data Manager

Oracle Financial Data Manager is the foundation for a comprehensive decision management solution that dramatically enhances customer profitability, asset/liability management, budgeting and planning, and performance measurement functions across a financial organization.

Integrate and Streamline your Performance Planning and Analysis
As one of the analytical applications integrated within the Oracle Financial Services Applications (OFSA) family of products, Oracle Financial Data Manager works seamlessly with other products, such as Oracle Budgeting and Planning, Oracle Risk Manager, and Oracle Transfer Pricing.


  • Create a single, consistent source of all relevant customer and financial data. Retain summary and atomic instrument data in a unique logical data model. Customize and extend to support business needs using the Object Registration Wizard. Consolidate account level data from transaction and financial systems to eliminate data fragmentation.
  • Validate, correct, and reconcile incoming data to control quality. Reconcile with legacy systems and provide feedback for legacy system correction. Edit and manage data at the transaction level, account level, and at various levels of aggregation.
  • Manage all rate scenario information across analytic applications while administering and storing interest and currency rate information within a conventional tree navigation structure. Address different quotation conventions in today's interest rates marketplace. Define and manage currency and interest rate relationships, including reporting currency designation and managed and triangulated rates.
  • Develop an enterprisewide information access strategy. Convey information flexibly with Oracle's best-in-class reporting tool—Oracle Discoverer. Integrate the Financial Data Manager database with Oracle Discoverer. Select tables and specify custom joins to feed the Discoverer reporting layer. Choose from over 100 standard reports or create custom views into the data.