Oracle FLEXCUBE for Islamic Banks


The success of a bank today depends on its ability to enter lucrative markets and quickly introduce new products and services. With the growing demand for Sharia-compliant Islamic banking products, banks catering to this segment are poised for the next wave of growth. While Islamic banks are reinventing their business models to provide differentiated customer service and scaling up to meet global competition, conventional banks are also making inroads into Islamic banking.

Oracle FLEXCUBE addresses the needs of both pure-play Islamic banks as well as conventional banks with Islamic banking windows. Oracle FLEXCUBE offers a comprehensive Sharia-compliant back-office processing environment for a wide range of financial products, including Mudharabah, Qard, Murabaha, Ijarah, Musharaka, Istisna, Salam, Tawarruq, and Sukuk. Its centralized product configuration capability enables banks to swiftly configure and launch new products.

Banks running Oracle FLEXCUBE can utilize the application's prebuilt integration with Oracle FLEXCUBE Private Banking and Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking to leverage emerging business models for Islamic wealth management and direct banking. Oracle FLEXCUBE enables banks to offer Sharia wealth management while providing customers a seamless experience across channels and devices. An enterprisewide view of the customer permits bank staff to intelligently track customer behavior and instantly pursue cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

A single instance of Oracle FLEXCUBE can support both Islamic as well conventional banking products, thereby offering unmatched potential business models for the bank. Customers of Oracle FLEXCUBE include Islamic banks and Islamic banking subsidiaries of conventional banks, as well as Islamic window operations of conventional banks.


Oracle FLEXCUBE provides Islamic banks the ability to:

  • Provide a single window solution to service both Islamic and conventional banking customer needs
  • Enable consistent customer experience by standardizing customer on-boarding and supporting multiproduct origination
  • Enhance holistic decision-making with a consolidated view of customer relationships, risk management, profitability tracking, and accounting
  • Offer anywhere, anytime banking through self-service channels
  • Provide Sharia wealth management to customers
  • Provide bank IT staff the capability to support the changing needs of Islamic banking using open development tools



Introducing Oracle FLEXCUBE 12.0