Oracle FLEXCUBE for International Operations


The global banking landscape is evolving rapidly. Banks are aggressively expanding outside their domicile countries—particularly in lucrative emerging markets. These expansions and growth initiatives have given rise to challenges in complying with complex regulatory requirements across countries. Banks face the daunting task of standardizing their global platform along with efficiently managing local country requirements.

Oracle FLEXCUBE provides a standardized platform that can scale seamlessly to match exponentially growing transaction volumes. The solution enables banks to centralize key operations across global hubs, while retaining local operations wherever required. Oracle FLEXCUBE provides a wide range of functional capabilities to suit business model requirements of banks entering foreign countries—as a retail bank, global transaction bank, niche wealth management service provider, or a correspondent bank.

Oracle FLEXCUBE enables empowerment of customers through support for multiple delivery channels, such as mobile, tablet, internet, and branch. The solution aggregates customer account and portfolio information, and provides intuitive dashboards for summarized views and customer spend analysis. Built in intelligence provides the bank staff with a host of information, such as top transactions, pending items, and alerts and reminders, ensuring the maximum impact of every transaction with the customer. Oracle FLEXCUBE Open Development Tools enable bank IT staff to create, modify, and test customized screens and application functions. Oracle FLEXCUBE Development Workbench for Direct and Mobile Banking helps the banks eliminate multiple device upgrades and provide an integrated approach to deploying new functionalities.

Oracle FLEXCUBE is precertified on standard Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Database, and provides banks with the best of hardware and software engineered together.


Oracle FLEXCUBE provides capabilities for banks with international operations to:

  • Service different business models such as retail banking, corporate banking, correspondent banking, or wealth management
  • Create global hubs and regional centers of excellence using process and product standardization capabilities
  • Support multiple delivery channels to enhance the customer experience
  • Empower knowledge workers with built-in intelligence and analytical capabilities
  • Function regionally using strong cross-border capabilities



Introducing Oracle FLEXCUBE 12.0