Enterprise Risk and Capital Adequacy for Financial Services

Now more than ever, financial institutions, their regulators, and their shareholders are focused on the need to measure and meet risk-adjusted performance objectives, price products to reflect their true risk, and better understand how their institution is impacted by threats to liquidity, capital adequacy, and exposure to market rate volatility.

Oracle’s solution for enterprise risk and capital adequacy spans credit, market, operational, liquidity, business, and reputation risk, enabling institutions to manage all their risk and provide necessary feeds for compliance-based reporting. The solution also allows you to optimize the deployment of capital based on the careful assessment of risk-adjusted performance and gives you insight into capital adequacy for meeting your regulatory and economic capital requirements under both normal and stressed scenarios.


  • Enables companies to gain a holistic view of risk, leading to superior decision making
  • Provides the ability to deploy stress-testing capabilities that are consistent across the enterprise
  • Unifies the risk identification, materiality assessment, quantification, stress testing and capital planning processes across the enterprise
  • Leverages legacy risk systems and outputs through common models and dashboards
  • Helps ensure adequate capital to meet current and future regulatory and economic capital requirements under baseline and stressed scenarios
  • Enables firms to optimize deployment of capital based on careful assessment of risk-adjusted performance
  • Enables companies to ensure compliance with emerging Basel III and Basel II ICAAP norms, or adopt best practices for ERM if you are not a Basel bank


Whether you start with one component or make a complete business transformation through analytics, Oracle enables you to build on your existing environment with an open-integration framework using standards-based middleware. These solutions enable you to speed time to market, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge.

Business Drivers Oracle Enables You To Do With These Products
Enterprise Risk Management and Robust Capital Adequacy Planning
  • Risk identification and materiality assessment
  • Risk Quantification and integrated stress testing
  • Regulatory and economic capital calculations
  • Performance measurement and capital planning
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting
  • Risk analytics and dashboards