Finance Transformation and Risk Adjusted Performance for Financial Services

Increasing regulations and business requirements are placing greater demands on banks to provide timely and accurate information. Financial institutions must allow for proper integration of finance and risk measures as a cornerstone for appropriate business planning and capital allocation optimization process. Faced with this significant challenge, financial institutions are looking to embrace a framework that allows them to comply with strict statutory financial and regulatory reporting deadlines by reducing the time taken during the closing process.

Historically, the siloed nature of risk and finance platforms has precluded the majority of institutions from wholly committing to concepts such as risk-adjusted performance and integrated business planning. Oracle's Financial Services Analytical Applications uniquely enable financial services institutions to align risk, performance, and accounting functions on a common decision-making platform. As a result, banks can more readily measure and meet risk-adjusted performance objectives, price products to reflect their true risk, and better understand how their institution is impacted by threats to liquidity, capital adequacy, and exposure to market rate volatility.


  • Ongoing monitoring and control of data upload process from G/L
  • Reconcile data from different sources or for different purposes based on centralized data management and common metadata structure
  • Increase efficiency and reliability of the finance close process
  • Generate ad-hoc reports directly by end-user
  • Calculate risk adjusted profitability and risk based pricing on a business-as-usual basis and under different scenarios
  • Management reporting based on almost real time data
  • Enables companies to actively incorporate risk into decision making
  • Provides the ability to define and manage to plans that cross risk and performance management domains
  • Enables firms to deploy capital based on careful assessment of risk-adjusted performance


Whether you start with one component or make a complete business transformation through analytics, Oracle enables you to build on your existing environment with an open-integration framework using standards-based middleware. These solutions enable you to speed time to market, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge.

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Finance Transformation and Risk Adjusted Performance
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