Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking for Microfinance

Microfinance helps unbanked communities gain access to financial resources. As a microfinance institution working toward this objective, your enterprise needs to invest in deploying an application that can address this need. Oracle FLEXCUBE has extensive experience of supporting financial inclusion initiatives across the globe for a variety of business models ranging from banks to microfinance networks to microfinance institutions. With Oracle FLEXCUBE, financial institutions can look at addressing their conventional banking requirements and microlending needs on the same platform. Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking can help financial institutions meet the challenges posed by using a variety of deployment options.

For the Financial Inclusion program at your bank or community,  Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking for Microfinance can:

  • Help simplify back-office operations and thereby reduce transaction costs
  • Extend services and reach using mobile phones and a variety of devices for online and off line business
  • Provide a pre-configured range of products and service options that can be tuned to meet specific local requirements
  • Address the needs specific to each self-help group to support multiple interest calculation cycles and repayment schedules

Oracle FLEXCUBE’s design enables microfinance institutions to add on business modules to expand to other personal banking services. The application is aligned to best-in-class industry processes to reduce the time to launch new and innovative services.

Oracle FLEXCUBE leverages its vast experience of supporting commercial and retail banking businesses in more than 125 countries across the globe. This gives your Microfinance Institution the perfect platform to strengthen its participation in the financial ecosystem in any of these countries with ample ease.