Oracle FLEXCUBE for Transfer Agents and Fund Managers


The investment fund industry has undergone a paradigm shift over the last decade. There has been a polarization of the market between large, branded fund managers and niche institutional investment managers, convergence of mutual fund distribution with retail banking, as well as changes in the regulatory landscape. In addition, there is a requirement for dynamic and real-time reporting for transfer agents and fund distributors. These challenges clearly demonstrate the need for a solution that has comprehensive cross-border, multicountry transfer agency capabilities and which is cost effective and highly scalable

Oracle FLEXCUBE Investor Servicing delivers comprehensive functionality for all business processes and manages complex workflows involving transfer agencies and fund distribution on a common platform using industry standard tools. The integrated solution helps to automate the entire fund management lifecycle with the ability to address the requirements of fund managers, distributors, brokers, and dealers. The application supports processing of hedge funds, mutual funds, and investment linked products across distribution and transfer agency lines of business. It provides flexible business rules augmented by user-definable parameters to ensure quick adoption of new products and fund structures. The ability to respond rapidly to changing market dynamics through new offerings enhances competitive advantage.

The application interface is user-friendly and is entirely browser-based, guiding users intuitively with relevant online help and validation checks. The guided approach enables fund managers to focus on servicing their clients while experts manage business processes on the back end.


Oracle FLEXCUBE Investor Servicing provides:

  • Cross-border transfer agency capabilities to service clients globally
  • Increased customer satisfaction through end-to-end investor servicing
  • Optimized operational costs enabled by comprehensive infrastructure to cover all fund structures on a unified platform
  • Ability to quickly introduce new fund structures and products through a highly parameterized rules engine for fund definition
  • Efficient intermediary management through rule-based fees and commissions framework
  • Optimized multicountry deployment facilitated by its flexible deployment model



Introducing Oracle FLEXCUBE 12.0