Siebel Financial Services Customer Order Management


Oracle's Siebel Financial Services Customer Order Management for Banking enables banks to effectively cross- and up-sell products and bundles of products like residential mortgages, checking, savings, credit card, and other types of retail bank accounts. Banks can configure product packages and bundles, create simple or complex applicant groups, generate needs analysis, find product recommendations, and check for compatibility, eligibility, constraints, and open accounts.


  • Increase flexibility of product offerings. Browse, select, and configure products within a seamless, integrated product selection and configuration user interface.
  • Capture applicants and relationships for sales and marketing. Store role, eligibility, compatibility, recommendations, and constraints for each applicant. Configure multiple types of identification and compliance checks to ensure compliance with local or corporate rules and regulations for knowing your customer (KYC).
  • Effectively cross and up sell packages and bundles. Overcome line-of-business silo restrictions to create marketing packages that include checking accounts, credit cards, and mortgage products. Create white-label offers where your bank is the distributor but not necessarily the producer of all the products in the bundle.
  • Create guided sales processes to increase sales by combining information about customer holdings with knowledge of applicant group relationships to determine whether an applicant is eligible for a product. Target sales contracts directly to customers.