High Technology OEM: Complex Equipment



Why do all of the top 30 Electronics high technology OEMs run Oracle applications and technology?

Oracle understands the needs of high technology OEM complex equipment manufacturers. Oracle's technology and applications help manufacturers address their biggest challenges—shrinking product life cycles, shorter design cycles, increasing product complexities, operational cost reductions, and the constant need to innovate.

High technology OEMs must take a customer-centric approach in the products they build, as well as in the ease-of-use, service, and support they provide as vendors in an extended supply chain. The visibility and efficiency they gain stemming from collaborative business processes in both the sales channel and the supply chain lead to efficient sales growth while lowering operational and inventory costs.

Oracle’s solutions run on our complete portfolio of Sun servers, storage, software, and networking products, which are engineered to work together to deliver record-breaking performance, simplified management, and cost-saving efficiencies.

Oracle also delivers a range of market-leading Java runtimes for use across servers and desktops and across mobile, TV, Java Card, and other embedded devices. With Oracle's broad portfolio of industry-leading tools, developers and designers can deploy secure, scalable services with rich and expressive client-side interfaces to just about any network-connected device.

High technology OEM complex equipment manufacturers require solutions that support growth, reduce operational costs, and ease the integration of business processes across the extended enterprise, including outsourced partners. Oracle's applications and technology are paramount to achieving these corporate goals:

  • Speed product innovation, collaboration, and new product introduction (NPI) while improving quality, compliance, and portfolio management, using Oracle's Agile Product Lifecycle Management. Integrate with your CRM and SCM systems to maximize enterprise-wide results.
  • Automate the quote-to-cash process with Oracle Process Integration Packs (PIPs), based on our Application Integration Architecture (AIA) framework. Enable guide selling and map requirements to respective products during order management and resulting supply chain requirements by harnessing the Oracle Configurator included in the PIP.
  • Gain visibility and accuracy for forecasting and procurement with Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning. Combine with Oracle's Demantra Demand Management to avoid line down-time due to long lead-time parts, as well as excess inventories due to over-ordering.



Oracle high technology solutions are integrated business processes that support true end-to-end business processes across all enterprise stakeholders. Together, these solutions create a comprehensive industry process map that reflects a best practices vision to address and align your most pressing business challenges and opportunities. Only Oracle can provide a comprehensive set of applications, middleware, and technology solutions that together support complete business processes. With Oracle Application Integration Architecture and our Applications Unlimited strategy, we can guide you on every step of a business solution, while providing you with the highest value and preserving your existing investments—whether you're starting with one component or making a complete business transformation.

Business Drivers Oracle Enables You to With These High Technology Solutions
Achieve Cross-Enterprise Alignment and Synchronization Elevate Performance
  • Improve operations and business results
  • Create, integrate, and align strategic, financial, organization, sales, and operational planning, metrics, measurement, and results
Enterprise Planning and Performance Management
Improve Innovation Results Manage Portfolio and Product Development
  • Improve NPI ROI success and speed
  • Improve time-to-market, compliance, acceptance, and development costs
  • Synchronize development, sales, marketing, supply chain, manufacturing, and service
Product Innovation Management; Concept to Market
Increase Marketing and Sales Results and Reduce Costs Improve Channel Performance
  • Utilize predictive marketing
  • Improved sales processes and management across all channels
  • Maintain a 360-degree view of the customer
  • Efficiently process all leads, orders, billing, and settlement
Campaign to Cash
Address Complex and Constant Demand and Supply Volatility Synchronize Complex Supply Chains
  • Conduct complete sales and operations planning, including financial objectives
  • Efficiently manage strategic sourcing and manufacturing partners
  • Implement demand-driven operations for profitable growth while reducing inventory and logistics costs
Demand to Delivery
Grow Profits from Services and Customer Satisfaction Grow Profitable Services
  • Analyze and implement new services, expanding your portfolio
  • Improve customer satisfaction with a 360-degree view of customer and product data
  • Create value for the customer, introducing field services, remote management, reverse logistics, and depot repair, and asset management services—all with efficient warranty management
  • Provide efficient support and grow aftermarket sales
Service Transformation; Aftermarket Services, Support, and Sales
Drive Enterprise Efficiencies and Compliance Enable the Enterprise
  • Rationalize all governance and shared services of back-office processes
  • Achieve full HCM lifecycle management and implement efficient shared and self-service capabilities
  • Provide a business-driven, complete IT landscape, enabling business efficiency and transformation
Business Support Management; Governance and Control; and Shared Services


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