Quote-to-Cash Solution for Logistics Service Providers

Logistics service providers (LSPs) face tremendous challenges, including a sharp reduction in freight volume, tight credit, volatile commodity prices, and a very price-sensitive customer base. But as manufacturers and retailers re-engineer the long and thin supply chains that have evolved over the last two decades, LSPs also see promising opportunities to deliver existing services reliably at a lower cost and to provide innovative new services that will streamline customer supply chains.

Unfortunately, siloed information and disjointed, error-prone internal processes are preventing LSPs from achieving their goals of quickly responding to new customer requirements or changes in the marketplace; optimally planning and executing orders; and reliably delivering and billing for services. At the core of these challenges is the quote-to-cash process, which involves all major internal functions at an LSP from sales and marketing to operations, accounting, and customer service. The quote-to-cash process is crucial to the success of LSPs because it reduces revenue leakage, improves margins, and enhances the customer experience.

Only Oracle offers a pre-built set of integration components that link Oracle's Siebel Customer Relationship Management, Oracle Transportation Management, Oracle Human Resources, and Oracle Financials, using open industry-standards based middleware. With an integrated, configurable quote-to-cash platform, logistic service providers will be able to provide multiple services for multiple clients on a single enterprise platform using client- specific business rules and pre-defined work flows. With Oracle's quote-to-cash industry solution, LSPs can quote as contracted, execute as quoted, and bill as executed.

Oracle Industry Solutions Address Complex Business Processes
Oracle industry solutions leverage Oracle's best-in-class portfolio of applications and technology to address complex business processes relevant to your industry. Whether you start with one component or make a complete business transformation, Oracle enables you to build on your existing environment with an open-integration framework using standards-based middleware. Oracle industry solutions enable you to speed time to market, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge.



 Business Drivers  Oracle Enables You to
Improve revenues with accurate quotes and enhance responsivenes with real-time order management
  • Reduce the lead time and standardize quotes
  • Offer quotes based on customer and supplier contracts, available carrier capacity, and dynamic pricing
  • Have a centralized repository for quotes and orders
  • Help ensure complete and accurate order capture across all channels
  • Synchronize order and customer data across CRM and operations platforms
Reduce operating costs and increase service reliability, and optimize planning and execution of shipments, fleet, and drivers
  • Source transportation
  • Optimally consolidate orders and shipments
  • Interface with carriers; book and track orders, shipments, and assets
  • Proactively monitor shipment workflows, manage disruptions, and prevent service failures
  • Manage fleets and optimally assign drivers to loads
Reduce revenue leakage and improve customer and supplier satisfaction with automated freight settlement
  • Accrue expenses through the shipment lifecycle
  • Compute all costs associated with executing a shipment and driver pay if required
  • Standardize integration between financial and operational systems
  • Automate receivables and payables processing


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