Service Transformation for High Technology and Manufacturing

As competition grows and technologies mature, many high technology and manufacturing companies are turning to services and bundled offerings as a way to grow profits and differentiate themselves from the competition. Many challenges exist in identifying, offering, and executing the right services for your customers that help maximize their total lifetime value.

Only Oracle's industry solution for service transformation enables you to identify, target, and prioritize new bundled and service portfolio offerings to maximize the service experience and grow profits; expand service offerings with flexible contract management; automate operations execution to streamline delivery; help ensure complete customer, product, and service data visibility as well as comprehensive planning to enhance service operations; and make continual improvements as you monitor, measure, and optimize KPI metrics—maximizing profits and value delivered.

Oracle Industry Solutions Address Complex Business Processes
Oracle industry solutions leverage our best-in-class portfolio of applications and technology to address complex business processes relevant to your industry. Whether you start with one component or make a complete business transformation, Oracle enables you to build on your existing environment with an open-integration framework using standards-based middleware. Oracle industry solutions enable you to speed time to market, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge.


 Business Drivers  Oracle Enables You to  With These Key Oracle Products
Create and price profitable offerings and Identify, target and satisfy high-value customer segments
  • Optimize your service portfolio with Oracle's Primavera applications to produce maximum profits and for measuring and optimizing customer lifetime value
  • Model and plan new and unique service and bundled offerings with targeted segments and pricing using Oracle Hyperion solutions, Oracle Crystal Ball, and using analytics
  • Do comprehensive portfolio management (new and existing), catalog management, and price planning and management
  • Sell and market services across channels with the confidence of resource forecasting and planning, while building new marketing and sales automation as well as customer loyalty
Accelerate the release of new service offerings with the flexibility to manage multiple contract types
  • Enable flexible contract management across channels to align proposals to strategies, offerings to customers, resources to service requests, and forecasts to accruals—all of which align execution to profit and are enabled by Oracle's sales and service contract management applications
  • Link contract management to software license management to enable and help automate complex revenue recognition and regional compliance regulations
  • Expand automation to improve entitlement and financial results by linking contract entitlements with financials, warranty management, and services management; and building end to end purchase quote, capture and order management to reduce duplication and manual errors, and handle new, or transitioning contract terms
Automate service chain execution to maximize efficiency and enable touch-free service operations
  • Improve service operations efficiency to lower costs by automating service processes for all offerings across the service network, supporting remote service management, and synchronizing services with product fulfillment delivery
  • Manage and monitor the provisioning, delivery, usage, and overall service project management and performance to improve customer satisfaction
  • Lower service costs creating service efficiency by improving touch-free self-service, service dispatch and monitoring, technical support (labor and parts), resource utilization (tools, equipment), full service center management (retail repair and depot repair), and knowledge management — all enhanced with real-time visual services using Oracle's AutoVue Enterprise Visualization applications
Build a robust and efficient service supply chain to ensure complete information visibility and planning across the service lifecycle
  • Implement comprehensive and collaborative resource forecasting and planning across the supply chain with rapid planning, and spare parts planning and management
  • Execute efficient reverse logistics operations and asset tracking, and grow visibility across logistics and transportation management to reduce costs, improve carbon footprint, and grow customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reduce disposition and vendor recovery delay and costs by effectively managing field change orders and recalls, as well as warranty claims, and link with quality management to improve product design and customer satisfaction by collecting and sharing service data
  • Implement finance programs and options (lease/rental management) to enable service sales and customer adoption
Adopt robust analytics discipline to measurement performance metrics and optimization of customer lifetime value
  • Improve operations using Oracle Analytics and Business Intelligence across marketing, sales, service, contracts, partner, quoting, and pricing applications and lines of business through KPIs, dashboards, scorecards, alerts, and portals
  • Implement a total enterprise performance management approach to improve service revenue and profitability

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