Strategic Planning Solution for Natural Resources

Most natural resource projects around the globe involve high capital investment costs and long lead times. Furthermore, extreme volatility of commodity and financial markets, as well as external factors such as the environment, labor, and weather, create a lot of risk for natural resources companies. Traditionally, natural resource companies could not do simulations on multiple operating assumptions that were prone to fluctuate; couldn't make high-level decisions on resource allocation, customer contracts, and analyst guidance without knowing their actual production numbers; and could not provide feedback to management on "what-if" scenarios.

Only Oracle offers a complete strategic planning solution for natural resource companies that can maximize long-term financial returns and incorporate risk; generate high-quality reserve and supply estimates; develop an optimized operations plan; determine financial impact and options; and align the organization and monitor the plan.

Oracle Industry Solutions Address Complex Business Processes
Oracle industry solutions leverage our best-in-class portfolio of applications and technology to address complex business processes relevant to your industry. Whether you start with one component or make a complete business transformation, Oracle enables you to build on your existing environment with an open-integration framework using standards-based middleware. Oracle industry solutions enable you to speed time to market, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge.



 Business Drivers  Oracle Enables You to
Generate high-quality supply estimates and apply risk modeling techniques
  • Assign probability distributions to uncertain assumptions
  • Run thousands of simulations
  • Analyze range of outcomes and probabilities
Determine demand by using appropriate tools for forecasting and long-term contracts
  • Plan based on attributes
  • Leverage advanced analytics with causal capability
  • Support assumption-based forecasting
Create an optimized plan for operations—given demand, supply, risk, and capabilities
  • Increase profitability by determining the optimal production and distribution network
  • Perform asset rationalization
Apply risk scenarios and probabilities to the production plan
  • Predict commodity prices, supply and demand volumes, and imports
  • Improve the accuracy of cost estimates for exploration
  • Assess the probability of finding reserves
Create a strategic financial plan
  • Integrated financial modeling to manage corporate value
  • Forecast financials through scenario analysis
Align and monitor performance to plan
  • Communicate strategy throughout the enterprise
  • Align the enterprise with corporate strategy, plans, and objectives
  • Identify and eliminate initiatives that do not contribute to corporate goals

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