Oracle Application Integration Architecture Insurance Foundation Pack


Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA) Insurance Foundation Pack enables insurers to accelerate application integrations, using a proven methodology and flexible composite business processes to make all of their applications work as a single unified product.


Unify application portfolios
Oracle AIA Insurance Foundation Pack allows you to create process-driven integrations by joining Oracle and non-Oracle applications on a powerful, open standards-based platform and by merging third-party solutions through its application-agnostic design.

Minimize integration costs and risk
With Oracle AIA Insurance Foundation Pack, time-to-value is accelerated by prebuilt insurance business objects and services. The application-independent model and methodology also allow for a high level of flexibility in development. Risk and costs can be further reduced by leveraging built-in insurance-specific enhancements to existing horizontal objects and services.

Adapt business processes to changing business needs
As part of the Oracle AIA Insurance Foundation Pack, we deliver a documented insurance business process model that describes generally accepted industry processes across core operational areas within an insurance company, such as sales, new business, and claims. Insurers can easily compare their current processes to Oracle's business process model before embarking on IT projects.