Media and Entertainment Applications

Know and Manage Your Content Assets
Content management is at the heart of a successful Media and Entertainment business. It covers the whole lifecycle of ingestion, classification, storage, search and retrieval, re-purposing, and distribution of content. As archive content is increasingly digitized and production processes move to digital platforms, it is paramount to gain a complete view of all your content, across all formats and channels. Managing digital content from an IT perspective includes a variety of solutions, variously termed Digital Asset Management, Media Asset Management, or Rich Media Asset Management.

Oracle's solution for Media and Entertainment addresses all functional areas of content management. Built on open standards and easily integrated with other business applications, the Oracle solution provides maximum flexibility for responding to changes and seizing new business opportunities.

  • Accelerate digital content management and service delivery
  • Gain real-time analytics and decision capability
  • Manage your complete content lifecycle workflow
  • Enable repackaging of media for delivery to diverse distribution channels
  • Handle the financial and logistics aspects of managing content
  • Enable separate businesses to interconnect applications and share data
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