Media and Entertainment Applications

Know Your Customers—Ensure Your Information Quality
The shift from mass media to personalized media calls for a deeper awareness of the specific behaviors and needs of each customer. How can you capture and use comprehensive customer knowledge to exploit content assets to their maximum potential across all channels? How can you make your entire business more customer-centric so that you can reduce churn and increase revenue for each customer?

Oracle's comprehensive solution for Media and Entertainment provides accurate, timely customer information that enables relevant responsive behavior and lets you discover customer interests, personalize interactions, and offer desired products and services.

With Oracle's integrated applications and architecture, all built on open standards, Media and Entertainment companies can benefit from the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry while gaining these capabilities:

  • Improve sales operations effectiveness
  • Increase the ability to sell content and manage revenue
  • Manage customer and marketing interactions and data across multiple channels
  • Synchronize customer demand with inventory
  • Maximize ad revenue opportunities
  • Improve post-sales support and revenue management
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