Content Production

When you use Oracle products during content production, you lay a foundation that will enable you to understand the value of your content and monetize it throughout its lifecycle. Oracle products allow you to:

  • Manage the invoicing of advertisers and subscribers and pay for content rights, distribution costs, etc. Oracle leverages the output from planning and sales, as well as costs from other business systems such as sub-ledgers, and utilizes a data warehouse for business intelligence for financial projections, budgets, and planning.
  • Establish a technical shared service for your organization to manage the acquisition of content, content libraries (both physical and digital), ingest, quality assurance, verification of marketplace legislation for content, encoding and transcoding, routing, and quality control of technical standards for the operation.
  • Support the content production and post-production of content for both static programs and time-critical programming such as news and sports.
  • Effectively support the generation, verification, and repository for content metadata. Oracle solutions preserve and protect the content, and manage the physical archive library—including video and services content—as well as the transactional archive for business systems.