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Oracle offers enterprise software that provides a complete platform for integrated program delivery.

To meet today's challenges, social services agencies must transform their legacy IT systems into enterprisewide platforms that can support multiple programs, be deployed more rapidly and cost-effectively, and deliver a comprehensive view of the services being provided to clients and families.

Oracle's social services solutions deliver all this and more. By providing a complete integrated platform that supports everything from case management to human resources, financial management and procurement, content and identity management, and business intelligence, Oracle's social services solutions can improve program delivery and client outcomes, manage policy complexity to ensure compliance with rules and legislation, and reduce risk and administrative cost while increasing responsiveness to change.

Oracle is a leader in the public sector, serving the 25 largest national governments, all 15 U.S. federal cabinet agencies, and all 50 U.S. states. Oracle provides social services agencies market leading IT solutions for servers, storage, virtualized operating environments, database, middleware, CRM for contact centers, ERP for financial and human resource management, and specialized business rules platforms.

  • Only Oracle delivers a complete, integrated social services solution.
  • Only Oracle provides a social services-specific, natural language-based rules engine for managing policy compliance.
  • Only Oracle is the market leader in the Public Sector—and Public Sector is Oracle's largest customer base.



Business Drivers Oracle Enables You to With These Products
Improve Program Delivery and Client Outcomes
  • Deliver a single view of the client across programs and organizations
  • Extend single view to providers and clients with self-service and provider case management
  • Proactively monitor service delivery, analyze costs, detect fraud, and assess results
Streamline Automation of Benefit Legislation
  • Empower business users to develop and manage rules directly from legislative and policy documents
  • Automate and document entitlement calculations including eligibility decisions, benefit determination, changes in client circumstances, and retroactive payment adjustments
  • Test the impact of proposed legislation, regulations, and policy changes by allowing what-if analysis of proposed amendments
Reduce Risk and Administrative Cost While Increasing Responsiveness to Change
  • Migrate to a modern, secure enterprise application and technology architecture
  • Transition to a componentized, commercial off the shelf (COTS) software solution
  • Implement open, sustainable integration of payment processing, contract management, and service provider management systems
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