Case Management and CRM for Government


Today's government managers face increased expectations from citizens, businesses, elected officials, and employees. Pressed to provide services and information quickly and cost effectively, managers are often saddled with legacy information systems that fail to provide an enterprisewide view of government.

Oracle's Case Management and CRM Solutions help government agencies:


CRM enables government agencies to centralize government contact centers, often tied to a central phone number (such as the 311 software systems in the United States) for non-emergency calls. Under this approach, a citizen can call one number rather than having to hunt through a phone book for the correct government agency, or be transferred from government agency to the next until the correct resource is found. Often, using 311 software, trained customer service agents using a centralized knowledge base can satisfy an inquiry on initial contact. This dramatically reduces the cost to serve the public, as well as increases the satisfaction of the caller.


Governments are under constant pressure to improve revenue collection and provide better services to taxpayers. Tax and revenue agencies can no longer rely on legacy systems and custom-built software that is difficult to update and maintain. Oracle's Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) enterprise tax software improves government revenue generation, reduces the "tax gap" and improves tax compliance by providing a flexible and adaptable solution based on industry-standard software, while providing a componentized approach to "tax modernization."


Increasingly, government agencies, police forces and law enforcement are realizing that information technology and enterprise software provide a powerful weapon against crime. With more than 30 years of experience in working on security and law enforcement issues, Oracle is the undisputed software leader to help justice and public safety organizations achieve their vital missions.

Procedures to manage the flow of cases through the criminal justice system often vary greatly among jurisdictions. However, jurisdictions need the right software to share information, collaborate across complex boundaries, and report and adhere to standards such as NIBRS, NIEM or JXDM in order to effectively protect the public. Oracle offers the only comprehensive Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) solution for enabling justice and public safety to integrate crime, intelligence, and terrorism incident information from various systems within and across jurisdictions such as with fusion centers; securely view this data through role-based access; identify trends, patterns, and clusters by using an integrated case management software to analyze and map information; and track and deploy available resources.


Oracle provides social services agencies with an integrated case management application for maximizing citizen self-sufficiency. By consolidating constituent information—from case initiation to close—and delivering a workflow-driven case flow, Oracle enables case collaboration to drive rapid resolution. Increased employee productivity and more consistent, accurate case management reduces time spent on paperwork, lowering the case appeal rates, decreasing case fraud, and increasing employee job satisfaction. Oracle provides the industry's leading Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) solution for a variety of program areas such as unemployment insurance, pensions, disability benefits, child support enforcement, and child welfare (SACWIS).

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