Effectively Recruit, Develop, and Deploy Personnel

With national and international security at stake, defense organizations have a tall order to fill in terms of force generation and readiness. They have to be ready—at the shortest notice—to efficiently plan and deploy the right personnel for a broad range of missions. Oracle's unique solutions for defense organizations facilitate better personnel management in order to ensure a state of constant readiness:


To ensure force readiness at all times, military operations require up-to-date information on force recruitment, onboarding, training, and retirement. This means that when the need for deployment arises, organizations can act in real time in order to ensure the success of their missions. Oracle provides solutions to support force generation and readiness through:

  • Human capital management systems for recruiting the right talent, managing that talent, and providing career planning as they progress
  • eLearning for online testing of recruits and ongoing education and training of personnel
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) to build the integration points for collection of critical recruiting and verification data on medical fitness, academic credentials, credit histories, background checks, and other prerequisites
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During deployment of military capabilities, typical personnel activities can be extremely complex and time-consuming. While defense personnel can be posted at any remote location, their records related to compensation and family benefits often reside at headquarters or at their respective home stations. Due to the confidential and complicated nature of maintaining up-to-date employee information and the physical retention of voluminous personnel records, human resources has traditionally been labor intensive, error prone, and subject to extensive data fragmentation. This has led to high maintenance costs, along with the inability to integrate and leverage workforce information to manage operational performance. Oracle's human capital management applications and underlying Oracle Fusion Middleware and technologies play an important role in streamlining HR and pay transactions by:

  • Reducing cost through use of self-service and workflow-driven business processes
  • Enabling role-based access and presentation of personnel, along with their records and qualifications, pay-related information, and other data necessary for optimal personnel management-all the way down to the platoon level.
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Defense organizations need to provide training to their personnel in order to be responsive to constantly changing missions and their requirements. While this need has remained a constant given, additional requirements to cross-train for the unconventional missions faced by today's military forces—along with complex, IT-intensive environments in which many armed forces personnel find themselves—have created the necessity for a more diverse set of ongoing education and training coursework. Oracle provides a comprehensive set of solutions to keep personnel current in their areas of expertise and to help them extend into new areas:

  • Applications for eLearning, including self-service enrollment, coursework, testing, and credentialing
  • Integration of eLearning with centralized skills repositories, job matching, career development, and mission-planning tools
  • Closed-loop feedback intelligence dashboards that provide high-end skill-gap analysis, as well as progress KPIs (key performance indicators) regarding how well problems are being resolved
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