Assure Information Sharing and Cyber Security

Flexible, adaptable, and highly interconnected communication networks and information systems are critical to the successful fielding of forces deployed at a regional or global level. Oracle has long been a leader in helping defense and intelligence organizations deploy and facilitate increased collaboration and synchronization, enhancing the speed of command. Oracle provides all the key components—database, middleware, and applications, based on open standards and in compliance with information assurance standards—for enabling your organization to:


Defense and intelligence organizations need to work with information residing in multiple commands and auxiliary analyst groups and information recipients, together comprising a community of interest (COI). While most of the systems in use are not interconnected, a complete picture is still required at all times to form a fully functional COI with respect to a threat, incident, or any given project area. Oracle's solutions can create a rock-solid enterprise foundation for a complete view of information across the COI, and provide timely, accurate, and relevant data by:

  • Enabling the design, building, and management of a distributed information grid and application services from headquarter locations to the network's edge
  • Accelerating the creation and delivery of new services, reducing time to analysis packaging and informed decisions
  • Securely sharing information more effectively across all systems and circles of trust
  • Reducing integration costs and allowing you to leverage your existing IT investments
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Information access is very important in an environment where data sharing and collaboration are mission critical. However, organizations are seeking to enforce data protection through traditional access control mechanisms such as usernames and passwords that can be readily compromised—or, worse, though rigid enforcement of complete system isolation from sharing networks. Similarly, users are assigned roles that seek to limit what data they can access. In many cases, privileged mission-oriented users are granted course authorizations that do not take into account location of a user, time-of-day, break-the-glass scenarios, or any other number of policy-based factors that should govern the role and access levels of a user. The ability to apply multi-modal authentication and fine-grained authorization to disparate resources and networks and to tie them to policies and applied rules within those policies on a project-by-project basis are essential prerequisites to sharing of information and building trust within a COI. For administrative yet highly privileged users like database administrators, such restrictions are insufficient. They need privileges above and beyond what normal users have and, as a result, are granted access to an unlimited amount of data—but their need to access particular elements of any given record of data is generally unnecessary and unwanted. Oracle can provide secure information-sharing solutions that do the following:

  • Limit and control access to data within the database itself as well as encrypt, log, and audit the data across networks by role and project-based collaborative communities
  • Provide multi-modal authentication tied to role-based access control (RBAC) and label-based protection profiles that are, in turn, tied to fine-grained authorization to access specific information services
  • Support automated, centralized policy enforcement of authoritative access to data and applications across networks
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In addition to balancing restrictions on access and promotion of sharing information across domains, defense organizations and intelligence communities must form rapidly; incorporate new members at varying levels of authority; expand and contract the group size; and, eventually, retire the group altogether. During this process, intelligence generation and analysis, incident management, and other projects require a single view through a secure, collaborative workflow-oriented environment. Oracle provides complete solutions that do the following:

  • Create a single view of information through a secure collaborative environment for the analyst and project groups
  • Provide an investigative case management environment that is rule-driven and workflow-oriented
  • Include analytics to support rapid and efficient packaging of information into intelligence
  • Build applications on a modular, standards-based framework of services
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