Modernize Force Support and Logistics

To ensure full operational preparedness, your force support and logistics infrastructure must operate in near real-time and be able to support changing situations. Oracle's solutions enable mission-driven capabilities, giving you a comprehensive view and control of all support resources and logistics data, across all forces. Oracle can support your force modernization by enabling you to:


Defense organizations must be able to plan all support operations, from procurement through deployment, to support operational strategies that will ensure that supplies and equipment are available to operating units. Transportation planning and execution is another challenging area, due to the lack of real-time visibility into actual events transpiring once vehicles are en route or where events can force changes in route or in transport mode. Dealing with such challenges requires an ability to rapidly assess the in-field situation and respond accordingly. While this problem exists with internally operated fleets, it escalates when using logistics service providers, operating in coalition environments with shared service agreements, and during expeditionary missions. Oracle's performance-based supply chain management applications and supporting middleware and technologies provide:

  • Supply chain management that automatically gathers logistics data, interprets it, and facilitates real-time supply chain decisions, helping you achieve a superior sense and respond logistics environment over proprietary solutions.
  • Demand forecast management that provides mission supply agility by comparing scenarios, and sensing and responding to changes in mission requirements and field events and requests
  • Transportation management to plan and execute multi-mode logistics in the most efficient and cost-effective manner
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware to provide an SOA approach on COTS products to reduce integration costs and leverage your existing IT investments
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Traditionally, procurement officers have spent too much of their time on manual and labor intensive processes for high-volume, low-value tactical buying activities. Oracle's procurement, contract management, and project portfolio management applications automate and streamline these processes, allowing procurement officers to spend more of their time evaluating and improving overall purchasing activity; focusing on large, complex transactions; negotiating better and broader blanket contracts; and developing strategic suppliers—all while ensuring compliance to policies. Specifically, Oracle provides:

  • Contract management that covers the entire lifecycle, from determining procurement needs through receipt, settlement, and payment
  • Purchasing management that streamlines and automates the process through online catalogs, self-service requisitions, automated budget-checking, and workflow approvals
  • Secure online collaboration and vendor management of contractors and suppliers, while providing them with access to the latest information, including purchase orders, delivery information, and payment status
  • Business intelligence, policy automation, and project portfolio management tools to help ensure maximum ROI across a disparate and complex set of contracts and underlying projects
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Assets once acquired need to be tracked and maintained through their lifecycle, regardless of their location. A significant portion of the assets owned by defense forces is long-lifecycle equipment requiring sophisticated maintenance strategies. Oracle applications support the full asset lifecycle—to specify, forecast demand, buy, install (or consume), maintain (or dispense with), retire and reorder. Oracle solutions support and optimize the entire asset lifecycle through:

  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) to optimize the performance of your capital assets and support sophisticated, condition-based maintenance strategies for property, weapon platforms and defense infrastructure
  • Complex maintenance, repair, and overhaul (cMRO), designed for complex assets with spares requirements; rules for their combinations in shipping, handling, and installation that must be met in a timely manner for field repairs and major overhauls
  • Single view through an advanced planning command center (APCC) of all key performance indicators to describe EAM and cMRO planning scenarios and to facilitate the automation of those scenarios
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware to provide an SOA approach on COTS products for integration of EAM and cMRO and APCC into existing environments in the quickest, most cost-effective way
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