Net-Centric Capabilities to the Network's Edge

Effective warfare and peacekeeping operations, as well as nontraditional tasks such as emergency disaster response, now depend on maximum battlespace awareness—ground, sea, and air—within one's national boundaries, across regional lines, and around the world, often in conjunction with domestic civilian and international military and civilian communities. Full understanding of the battlefield situation allows commanders to make the fastest and most informed decisions. Network Enabled Capabilities (NEC), also known as Net-Centric Operations, on a service oriented-architecture (SOA) infrastructure provide a superior platform for an optimized and tightly synchronized command and control within a common operational picture (COP). NEC platforms eliminate legacy platform silos, significantly improving the ability of the warfighters to perform, mission operations and tactics. Oracle supports NEC in the following key areas:


Perhaps the greatest impediment to enabling NEC is a lack of horizontal fusion in defense IT systems. Each branch of the military maintains hundreds of heterogeneous and geographically dispersed systems. These siloed "stovepipe" systems can slow operations by preventing optimized information sharing and function-specific vertical applications delivery among service branches and coalition partners. Only Oracle provides all key components within an open standards-based, enterprise-grade SOA—database, middleware, and applications—to transform defense organizations by enabling them to:

  • Design, build, and manage a distributed grid of information and application services from headquarters locations to the network's edge, at the tip of force projection
  • Accelerate the creation and delivery of new services, reducing time to prepare for a mission, execute a resupply to the battlefield or even a maneuver on it
  • Share information securely and more effectively across all systems
  • Reduce integration costs and leverage your existing IT investments
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In the near future, integrated real-time situational awareness—including a unified view of combat assets—will be a superior weapon that must be included in your arsenal. Maximum battlespace awareness is achieved when all relevant elements of the war-fighting theater—across all echelons and functional components—are provided access to the COP, often termed a Joint Operational Picture (JOP). This requires that timely and accurate data from multiple sources is collected, processed, correlated, placed in appropriate contexts, presented in readily understandable ways, and instantly shared with the right personnel in real-time.

Only Oracle extends the benefits of an SOA platform to proactive real-time defense scenarios, with technology based on open standards and an event-driven architecture (EDA). Increasingly, COTS EDA platforms are emerging as highly productive design-time and runtime frameworks, ideal for connecting formerly siloed physical event-oriented networks with the rest of the application ecosystem. In the dynamic world of the twenty-first century battlefield or emergency response, this will serve to extend the benefits of SOA to proactive real-time use defense cases-while extending, and gradually replacing, existing proprietary-based platforms. Oracle's J2EE-based EDA platform consists of the following key products:

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Oracle's SOA governance, business process management, and rules engines solutions—along with our open-standard development, integration, and business justification frameworks—provide the best tools for aligning mission directives with IT, across multiple projects that span several program officers; the multiple departments across the branches where they reside and from which they draw their funding; and across the associated contractors, subcontractors, and other vendors associated with those projects. While these products cannot guarantee that cultural and organizational barriers will vanish, they do provide the means—applications, infrastructure, tools—to enable spiral-development processes that reduce development time, align systems to operational requirements, and provide flexible systems that can rapidly adapt to new operational scenarios as well as business models that support outsourced and shared internal service delivery mechanisms. Trends such as mixed performance based operations that combine the efforts of organic military operations with specific projects handled by commercial contractors are better supported with Oracle's SOA approach, enabling you to:

  • Reduce the capital costs and operating costs of IT infrastructure
  • Dramatically reduce application development time and costs by reducing the spiral-development time
  • Improve flexibility and service agility
  • Build applications on a modular, standards-based framework of services
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