Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management


In an ever-evolving industry, public sector revenue authorities are faced with unprecedented demands to increase efficiency and effectiveness. At the same time, the ups and downs of a global economy have decreased revenue collections and stretched their resources to the limit. Revenue authorities are pressed to continually manage the impact of policy changes, generate revenue, reduce fraud and non-compliance, and maintain a high level of service.

To meet these challenges, Oracle offers a comprehensive revenue management solution specifically designed for revenue authorities worldwide. Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management is a powerful, flexible, commercial off-the-shelf software solution that optimizes all aspects of the collection process and streamlines the management of complex, rapidly changing laws and policies.

Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management enables you to:

  • Improve revenue generation and tracking
  • Streamline and improve collections
  • Reduce fraud and non-compliance
  • Simplify and manage complex policy rules and legislative changes
  • Enhance overall service


  • Reduce the tax gap with increased revenue generation through improved tracking, compliance, and customer service tools
  • Create a single view of the taxpayer by consolidating information from multiple legacy and transfer systems across all revenue sources
  • Streamline automation of revenue legislation with a simple tool for capturing and implementing complex policy-related rules in the core processing system
  • Configure the business processes you require while still maintaining flexibility and upgradeability
  • Achieve greater transparency through automatically generated decision reports that allow revenue authorities to view, document, and justify each step of decisions—and significantly reduce complaints and appeals
  • Leverage existing investments and control costs with a flexible and configurable alternative to custom-built systems
  • Gain greater flexibility to develop, test, and implement changes to the processing logic without having to reprogram the core system with each tax law change, reducing both time and cost
  • Provide detailed analysis of proposed policy changes and potential revenue impact
  • Enhance tax forms processing to improve real-time audit selection
  • Achieve an overall lower cost of ownership with an end-to-end solution that is easy to deploy, integrate, and maintain



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