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Oracle iGovernment


Oracle iGovernment introduces a platform for innovative, integrated, and intelligent operations that lets you tear down silos and link front- and back-office operations while reducing costs and increasing responsiveness.

Oracle iGovernment enables the next generation of government service delivery with tools to move beyond eGovernment and develop flexible systems that integrate across functions and departments. A platform of shared and virtualized servers, storage, database, middleware, and applications built on open standards and a service-oriented architecture (SOA), Oracle iGovernment delivers better information for decision making, better deployment of resources, and better-targeted public policy.


Business Initiatives Oracle Enables You to With These Products
Modernize the IT Infrastructure
  • Support open standards and platforms
  • Transition to grid computing and virtualization
  • Migrate to a broadband elastic compute platform
  • Ensure security and controlled access
Increase Efficiency and Transparency
  • Migrate to a service-oriented architecture
  • Deliver shared services
  • Streamline business processes
  • Ensure the integrity of operations
Transform Government Service Delivery
  • Provide a common service-delivery platform
  • Automate policy and process
  • Manage master data
  • Embed business intelligence and analytics
  • Enable self-service processes
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