Oracle Policy Automation for Immigration


Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) enables empowers immigration organizations around the world to deliver consistent policy-based decisions, be agile in response to policy changes and improve transparency of service delivery. OPA to simplify their legislation, provide interactive guidance to applicants, and automate the visa, passport and citizenship determination process


  • Easily manage changing policy rules and quickly determine applicant eligibility for visas, passports, and citizenship
  • Ensure accurate and lawful determination against complex migration policies
  • Reduce reliance on technical staff and adjust rules rapidly by allowing immigration experts to author rules in natural language
  • Simplify rules by realizing the impact of changes to policy with what-if analysis (including legal/regulatory changes)
  • Empower applicants with information and reduce call center costs through self-guided questionnaires
  • Rapid transformation of policy documents and manuals into executable form
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