Oracle Policy Automation for Social Services


Citizens struggle to understand their constantly changing rights and obligations under social services and other regulations. Agencies need a solution that automates the provision of accurate and consistent advice to citizens about their benefits and obligations through multiple channels, simply and quickly. Oracle Policy Automation delivers this capability.

Oracle Policy Automation is a powerful platform to transform complex legislation, regulations, and policy documentation into executable software. It is designed to empower agencies to service citizens fairly, efficiently, and consistently while maintaining full compliance with laws and regulations. Oracle Policy Automation allows agencies to give real-time interactive advice about how policies apply to a citizen's or business' specific circumstances, automate very complex government determinations, and update systems very quickly when laws and policies change.


Oracle Policy Automation enables agencies to:

  • Empower business users with unique natural-language authoring capabilities, allowing subject-matter experts to manage ongoing change using Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Provide citizen self-service and improved call-center performance by quickly and transparently dealing with eligibility determinations through guided questionnaires and detailed, automatically generated decision reports
  • Easily and consistently determine eligibility, including retroactive entitlement calculations
  • Assess impact of policy changes by enabling what-if analysis of proposed amendments
  • Reduce cost through integration with major platforms, including both legacy and modernized systems
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