Oracle Retail In-Store Space Collaboration


Oracle Retail In-Store Space Collaboration is a Web-based solution that enables store-level personnel and vendor partners to manage the merchandising environment—from floor plan design to planogram maintenance. As merchandise plans are centralized, the head office gains visibility into actual store-level execution, resulting in improved compliance. In this collaborative and interactive environment, retailers can optimize the return on their retail store space by allowing input from stores, planning based on actual versus assumed execution, and improving overall store compliance while also responding to local market conditions.

Oracle Retail In-Store Space Collaboration is part of Oracle Retail's Merchandise Planning and Optimization solution group.


  • Wired or wireless communication between head office, stores, and vendors
  • Access to centralized plans and data
  • Views of pending changes, inquiries, and workflow
  • 3-D photo-realistic visualization
  • Insight into performance analysis
  • Store-specific fixturing and planogram maintenance
  • Display and merchandising change management
  • In-store capture of confirmed store-level fixture and merchandise changes


  • Maintains real-time, store-level access and floor plans
  • Links store-specific floor plans to upstream and downstream planning and execution systems
  • Improves collaboration between corporate headquarters, stores, and vendor partners
  • Improves compliance through store visibility and executable macro space floor plans