Oracle Product Information Management


Oracle Product Information Management is a market-leading solution, designed for retailers who require a central repository to manage vital information, including the relationships between the product and its suppliers as well as the product and the locations in which it is carried. This advanced and innovative solution provides retailers with the ability to consolidate master information from multiple disparate applications and business lines into a single repository. Oracle Product Information Management provides improved controls for retailers to better cleanse and enrich information to share the content across the enterprise and with their trading partners. Benefits:

Oracle Product Information Management is an enterprise data management solution that enables customers to centralize product information from heterogeneous systems, creating a single view of product information that can be leveraged across all functional departments.

  • Improve visibility of information across the extended enterprise
  • Lower data management costs
  • Reduce scanning errors and processing time
  • Improve collaboration with suppliers
  • An extensible, scalable and proven data model for all product information
  • Enrich product information for all enterprise business processes
  • Securely share product information across the enterprise and with trading partners
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and industry mandates such as Global Data Synchronization