Quick Serve / Fast Casual Restaurants


Each year, the restaurant industry sales grow drastically, increasing the restaurant industry's employment growth at a steady rate. Given increasing competition and compliance pressures, quick serve / fast causal restaurants are faced with the challenge of providing consumers who are looking to spend moderately with exceptional service and new and exciting experiences. Quick serve / fast causal restaurants are managing supply across multiple locations and geographies and to trying to drive down food costs, while at the same time identifying new locations before the competition.

8 of the top 10 Quick Serve restaurants depend on Oracle Applications to get better results.



Oracle provides the world's most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems for quick serve / fast casual restaurants.

  • Insight Driven Enterprise including increasing sales, margins, improvement of customer experience and customer loyalty
  • Customer Experience including improvement of sales, customer attitudes, increasing customer satisfaction and repeat sales
  • Agile Supply Chain including improvement on accuracy, reduction of out-of-stocks and spoilage, improvement of buying efficiency and the reduction of transportation costs
  • Food Management including Menu and Recipe Development, Product Costing, and Quality Control Tracking
  • Workforce Excellence including Plan, Recruit, Hire, Develop & Train, Review & Reward and Exit / Retire
  • Store Development including reduction of cycle times, and costs, improvement of customer expectations, and increased tax advantages
  • Operational Excellence including reduction of transaction costs, increased reporting, improvement of decision making and cycle times
  • IT Simplification including reduction of costs, increase in employee productivity, lower TCO and increased business agility